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Deadmau5, '4x4=12' -- 2010 New Album Preview

Canadian electro sensation deadmau5 has had quite a year. In the matter of a few months, he's performed at the Winter Olympics, won three International Dance Awards and, on Dec. 7, he'll put a cork on 2010 with the release of a brand new album, titled '4x4=12.'

The new album comes just a few months after deadmau5 (born Joel Zimmerman) suddenly collapsed during a July show in Washington, D.C. The incident forced the artist to cancel nine tour dates but, fortunately, he's back and ready to unleash a long-awaited follow-up to 2009's 'For Lack of a Better Name.' As with his other albums, his third release carries a peculiar, if comparatively less cryptic title.

"My math sucks," the world renowned producer explained, in a recent interview with MTV News. "I was talking on Ustream, and I was trying to explain to people about my setup, and I was like, 'Yeah, it's in four banks of four, and that equals 16,' and they were like, 'Dude, that's 12'! Everyone started saying it over and over again, and it just caught on."

Thus far, deadmau5 has already released the first single off of the album, 'Sofi Needs a Ladder,' which was released digitally on Nov. 1. Featured on the track is, appropriately enough, Sofia "Sofi" Toufa, the girlfriend of the producer's close friend and former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

"We're just a little family, I guess, so when I'm out in L.A., I'm living there and working with them and just hanging out basically, and it just so happens, she can sing a note!" Mau5 said, when discussing his collaboration with Toufa. "I asked her if she wanted to do vocals in the track, and she obliged, and I've done a number with her now."

Toufa is also featured on a second track on the album, titled 'One Trick Pony,' which fans will be able to listen to once the album drops. Until then, deadmau5 will be releasing a new track from the '4x4=12' each week, meaning fans can at least sample four songs before the album drops, including 'Raise Your Weapon,' and 'Bad Selection.'

In the meantime, check out the full tracklisting for deadmau5's new album, below, and tune in to the Top Dance station on AOL Radio to hear more from the masked phenom.

Deadmau5, '4x4=12' Tracklisting
1. 'Some Chords'
2. 'Sofi Needs A Ladder'
3. 'City In Florida'
4. 'Bad Selection'
5. 'Animal Rights'
6. 'I Said (Michael Woods Remix)'
7. 'Cthulhu Sleeps'
8. 'Right This Second'
9. 'Raise Your Weapon'
10. 'One Trick Pony'
11. 'Everything Before'

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