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Hollywood Undead, 'Hear Me Now' -- New Song


Hollywood Undead have released their brand-new single, 'Hear Me Now,' from their forthcoming sophomore album, set to be released in 2011.

The song is sung from the perspective of someone who has suffered serious hardship, and is walking through life with little to no hope for the future. But despite the somber lyrical content, the song has all the qualities of a great rock smash, including its melodic chorus:

"Where'd you go? / Where's your home? / How'd you end up all alone? / Can you hear me now? / And there's no light, there's no sound / Hard to breathe when you're underground / Can you hear me now? / Hear me now."

In March, Noisecreep reported that Hollywood Undead were working on the follow-up to 2008's gold-selling 'Swan Song' with all the comforts of home, literally.

"We are in the studio, and our studio right now is basically our bedrooms, for the most part," guitarist J-Dog told the site. "It keeps the costs down. We went to big studios and spent thousands of dollars every day for our last record, since we didn't know any better and the label was paying for it. Now we do the writing at our house. We will take it to producer when we're done writing. I sleep in my studio, on Oralex, the foam that pads the room. It's like egg-crate foam."

Hollywood Undead has yet to announce a release date for their new album, but in the meantime, fans can rock out to 'Hear Me Now' on AOL Radio's Xtreme Alt Rock station.

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