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Kanye West, 'Christmas in Harlem' Feat. Prynce Cy Hi and Teyana Taylor -- New Song

Def Jam

Kanye West and friends sing about the the joys of 'Christmas in Harlem' on a new song released right before the holiday.

The nearly-six-minute track is an honest celebration of the Christmas season. Harlem native Teyana Taylor opens the song by singing the chorus on top of an appealing piano melody:

"Christmas in Harlem, right after autumn falls / Soaking it all in, then we go hit the mall / Even though we ain't balling, feels like we bought it all / The mistletoe's right here, come give a kiss to Santa Claus."

West appears next and offers his positive take on things: "Now we all living the good life / Though it's forty below, the wind chill / And we wiping snow up off the windshield / It's still a wonderful night to be alive, baby."

Prynce Cy Hi provides a funny verse in which he imagines taking over for Santa Claus. He raps, "Thugs think I'm a Blood 'cause I won't take this red suit off / Ha, I swear I got the freshest wardrobe."

Kanye is still riding high on the rave reviews and commercial success of his latest release, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.' 'Christmas in Harlem' is not currently scheduled to appear on any album, but you can listen to the song on AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First station.

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