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Good Charlotte, 'Last Night' -- New Song

Good Charlotte have a not-so-memorable evening in their new song, 'Last Night,' which is featured on the band's latest album, 'Cardiology.'

In the song, Joel Madden sings of meeting a tantalizing girl and then waking up with a foggy recollection of what happened next. Whether he had too much to drink or had something slipped into his drink is unclear, but the singer still says it might have been the time of his life.

"Last night, can't remember / What happened? Where'd we go? / I woke up this morning / Where's my car? Where's my keys? Where's my clothes? / I feel my head still spinning but I'm doing alright / Cause I think I just had the best night of my life."

'Last Night' is the third single from the pop rockers' fifth studio album. The band released their first single, 'Like It's Her Birthday,' on Aug. 5, and said they would release another song after reaching over 100,000 views of the video. Ten days later, they kept their word and unveiled a video of 'Counting the Days' as their second single.

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