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Emmure, 'Demons With Ryu' -- New Song

Victory Records metal band Emmure have just released 'Demons with Ryu,' the lead single from their upcoming album 'Speaker of the Dead.'

The song features brutally aggressive vocals from frontman Frank Palmeri, while guitarists Jesse Ketive and Mike Mulholland provide the chugging riffs that Emmure fans have come to expect from the group's first three albums.

Midway through the track, the tempo slows and the instruments stop, except for a screeching guitar that serves as a contrast to Palmeri's ferocious screams. The rhythm section returns seconds later to carry on the mayhem.

Almost three minutes in, 'Demons with Ryu' includes an unexpected vocal sample from the 'Street Fighter' video game, with a voice saying, "Round one... fight!," before the song closes with one final furious rush of guitars. The song title itself is a nod to 'Street Fighter,' as Ryu is the name of a central character in the video game series.

'Speaker of the Dead' will be released on Feb. 15. Emmure's last album, 2009's 'Felony,' reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart.

'Demons with Ryu' is currently in rotation on AOL Radio's New Metal First station.

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