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Cake, 'Long Time' -- New Song

Cake have released a new song called 'Long Time,' the second single from their latest album, 'Showroom of Compassion.'

In the song, the irreverent alt-rockers pine for the Pontiacs, pillbox hats and the other small but exclusive provinces of the living world -- not personally, of course.

Lead singer and songwriter John McCrea has always seemed fascinated with creating simple lyrics that outline sprawling, abstract images. He doesn't disappoint here, weaving a tale of two long-dead lovers left to live out eternity together following consensual suicide.

"It's been a long time / Since we've been inside of this tomb / It's been a long time / Since you wore your expensive French perfume / But I don't mind / When I've got you next to me."

Is it a literal tale or an allegory? We don't know. And for Cake, that's the beauty. As one of the few who can sound simultaneously indifferent and earnest, the band always shines best within ambiguity.

The song is fleshed out with Cake's trademark ska-influenced guitar riffs; dark chords held against sunny vocal harmonies; and, of course, a beefy trumpet solo.

'Long Time' follows the release of the song 'Sick of You,' the first single from the band's sixth studio record, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200.

Listen to Cake's 'Long Time' on AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

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