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Hollywood Undead, 'Coming Back Down' -- New Song


Hollywood Undead have released another song 'Coming Back Down,' off their upcoming record, 'American Tragedy,' due out April 5th.

The song bolsters the outfit as a force in rap rock with its sampled guitar riffs and swirling synths. The band also demonstrates one of the rarer traits in the genre: strength in both singing and rapping.

'Coming Back Down' sounds like a blend of the lyrical force of Linkin Park, mashed up with the sunny-day production of Kid Rock and backed by a handful of smart pop-punk bands.

The song concerns the death of a loved one and the tumultuous search for ways to carry on without him or her. There's a spirituality in the lyrics, swollen with defeat, but rich with yearning. It's an allowance that however dark the day, the following may lighten.

"So I guess you had to leave / You were born with wings / But you were never happy / 'Til the angels sing ... Since you been away / I'm just a face in the crowd / Someday, someday / I know you're coming back down"

'American Tragedy' is the band's sophomore effort. The first single off the record, 'Hear Me Now,' is on the rise at Active and Modern Rock radio and peaked at No. 35 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart and climbed all the way to the second slot on iTunes' rock chart.

Listen to Hollywood Undead's 'Coming Back Down' on AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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