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Snoop Dogg, 'Platinum' Feat. R. Kelly -- New Song

The 'Platinum' lifestyle is about more than just platinum records, according to a new song by Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly from Snoop's album 'Doggumentary,' which hit stores yesterday.

Kelly elaborates on the song's hook: "Platinum stars, platinum chicks / Platinum clothes, platinum rich / Platinum shots, platinum flights / Platinum cribs, platinum lights."

Snoop departs from his usual laid-back style with a rapid-fire verse that stands out even more due to the song's slow tempo, which highlights space-y keyboards and a heavy, rolling bass.

Snoop tells a lady he has his eye on: "Give it to me like I told you / Grab you, flip you, hold you, break you down / Stop depress, drop your dress, cause I'm gon' take you down."

'Platinum' was produced by Lex Luger, whose other recent production credits include Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Rick Ross.

Snoop recently told MTV that he and Kelly make a great team because they understand each other. "He has a deep love for music," Snoop said, "and sometimes he goes over the head of the people that's listening, just like myself, because we're too in-depth with music."

To hear 'Platinum,' head over to AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First station.

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