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AOL Radio Announces Partnership with Slacker Radio

Today we are pleased to announce that AOL Radio will be partnering with Slacker Radio for an all-new enhanced radio experience for the web and mobile devices. The new AOL Radio + Slacker partnership will begin this fall.

Our partnership with Slacker will bring you the same great AOL Radio free music programming but with fewer ads and new personalization features. AOL Radio's 250+ stations will continue to be programmed by our expert music directors and we'll also be adding ABC News and ESPN Radio to our station offering.

In addition to the free player, AOL Radio users will also have the option to subscribe to two premium services: Radio Plus and Premium Radio. See Question 5 in the FAQ below for more information.

We will also be relaunching a new iPhone app at the same time as the web player. Android and iPad apps will be coming shortly afterwards.

For more information about our upcoming partnership with Slacker, please read the FAQ after the jump.



1. What can we expect with the AOL Radio and Slacker Radio partnership?

The new AOL Radio & Slacker Radio partnership will bring you an enhanced AOL Radio experience with less ads and new features across our web and mobile players. AOL Radio's 250+ stations will continue to be programmed by our expert music directors and we'll also be adding ABC News and ESPN Radio to our station offering. For the first time, listeners will also be able to choose to subscribe to one of two premium services: Radio Plus and Premium Radio. See question 5 for more detail.

2. Why is AOL Radio no longer working with CBS Radio?

AOL Radio has had a successful partnership with CBS Radio. We now look forward to working with Slacker as we continue to align our business to meet the needs of the market and our loyal consumers. Our users will continue to enjoy AOL's 250 expert-programmed music stations while we develop expanded programming and functionality offerings to better serve the audience across multiple platforms.

3. Will AOL Radio still continue to be free?

Yes, AOL Radio will continue to be free with the new player and will contain the same features (song skipping, station presets, etc..) along with fewer commercials and new features.

4. Will there be fewer commercials?

Yes. We have heard you loud and clear - the new AOL Radio player will have fewer commercials. Also listeners who subscribe to the Radio Plus or Premium Radio products will get ad-free AOL Radio as part of their benefits.

5. Will there be a paid version of AOL Radio available as well?

Yes, listeners will have the option to subscribe to one of two premium services which will include the following features:
  • Radio Plus - Ad-free radio, unlimited song skipping and offline listening for mobile devices.
  • Premium Radio - All of the benefits of Radio Plus as well as on-demand listening. Access and listen to any of the millions of tracks in the Slacker Radio library.
Pricing for these services will be announced at a later date.

6. What are the benefits and upcoming features of the new player?

Some of the new features you can look forward to in the upcoming redesigned player include:
  • New personalized radio - Create your own radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs and share them with your friends.
  • Keep track of your favorite songs - While listening to our stations, you'll be able to note which songs are your favorites and save them to your favorite song history. Return to them later to purchase, create an entire station based on them or listen to them on demand.* (*Premium Radio subscribers.)
  • Ban a song from a station - Tired of hearing a certain song on a station? You will be able to eliminate it completely!
  • The return of album titles & album reviews - A request we've gotten is to bring back listing which albums tracks are from while you're listening to them. In addition to this, you will also be able to read album reviews.
  • New apps for Android & iPad - In addition to our popular iPhone app, AOL Radio will also be available for Android devices as well as an app customized for the iPad experience.

7. When will the new AOL Radio player be available?

The new AOL Radio player will be available this fall.

8. Will my favorite AOL Radio station be available on the new AOL Radio player?

We will be bringing the same 250+ stations on the current AOL Radio player to the new player. Any station change announcements will be made on

9. Will we still be able to hear our favorite local music/news/sports/talk stations from CBS Radio?

Because of the end of our partnership with CBS Radio, we will no longer be featuring CBS Radio's local stations on our player or our iPhone app. You can continue listening to them online or via the mobile app on iPhone, iPad and Android.

AOL Radio + Slacker will feature news and sports radio by ABC News and ESPN Radio.

10. Will I have to reset my presets?

Yes, you will have to reset your presets. Instructions on how to do this will be posted closer to the launch of the new player.

11. Will the AOL Radio iOS app still work?

Listeners who have the current AOL Radio app will have to upgrade their app for free through the iTunes App Store when the new AOL Radio + Slacker app becomes available.

12. When will AOL Radio be available for Android?

AOL Radio for Android will be released in the fall. More details will be posted on as they become available.

13. How can I subscribe to get e-mail updates about the new AOL Radio player?

Sign-up for our e-mail newsletter at this link to be the first to find out when you can access the new AOL Radio player.

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