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Lifehouse, 'Between The Raindrops' (Feat. Natasha Bedingfield) -- New Song


Pop rock band Lifehouse has teamed up with their good friend Natasha Bedingfield on their latest single 'Between The Raindrops.' The track is the first single off the band's upcoming sixth studio album and their first new single in three years.

This will be the first duet for Lifehouse, who are known for top crossover hits 'Hanging by a Moment' and 'You and Me.' The single features Bedingfield and lead singer Jason Wade trading vocals on the pop-rock ballad about love. Wade stated in a press release that the track began as an experiment and was re-written many times over a period of several months. He added that 'Between the Raindrops' "is a confluence of all these different musical styles coming together. I feel like the song really was solidified and came to life when Natasha [Bedingfield] came down to the studio and sang on the track." Their voices work well together in the catchy, more upbeat chorus and the passionate bridge. They sing together: "There's a smile on my face, knowing that together, everything that's in our way were better than all right."

Lifehouse's sixth album is due out sometime later this year. Their last album, 'Smoke and Mirrors,' was certified Platinum in 2010. Listen to 'Between The Raindrops," right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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