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Bon Jovi, 'Because We Can' -- New Song

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Bon Jovi is getting all set for their 2013 'Because We Can' world tour which will support the band's 12th studio album 'What About Now.' The lead single is also titled 'Because We Can' and is another optimistic tune from the legendary band.

The song is similar to what one would come to expect from Bon Jovi these days. It's nothing innovative, but it is a song that will most likely fire up fans and will be easy to sing along to. The song was co-written by Billy Falcon, a veteran who has written many songs with Bon Jovi before. The tune is not that different from hits like 'We Weren't Born to Follow' and 'Who Says You Can't Go Home' in that it's a simple, cheery anthem in which Bon Jovi reminds people in an uplifting manner to stay strong. The single is quite pop-friendly, but does feature a solid, country-rock influenced guitar track from Richie Sambora. It's a love story of two people working through difficult times, but the leg-stomping chorus largely dominates the song. "I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder. I ain't a soldier, but I'm here to take a stand, because we can."

'What About Now' is expected to be released in late March. The 'Because We Can' tour will begin in February and will include concerts in all five major continents. For now, fans can rock out to 'Because We Can' on AOL Radio's Pop Mix.

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