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One Direction, 'Take Me Home' -- Album Review


The English-Irish boy band sensation, One Direction, has released their second studio album. 'Take Me Home' is the follow up to their platinum selling debut album, 'Up All Night.' The release of 'Take Me Home' comes less than a year after the groups first album, which has caused a lot of skepticism among many critics saying that the album might be too rushed.

With a vast production team throughout the album, 'Take Me Home' has different songs to highlight the various aspects of One Direction. Songs like 'Little Things' and 'Back For You' provide the melodic and softer side that hasn't been highlighted through past singles. The album kicks off strong with 'Live While We're Young.' The familiarity makes it easier for the listener to be drawn in and interested right from the start. The pop sound continues to dominate in tracks like 'Last First Kiss' and 'Rock Me.' Listening to the songs more in depth, it's easy to see the evolution of One Direction and how the bands exposure and experience is starting to shine through. The more mature lyrics show the growth of the group, which is to be expected since they're all under the age of 21.

'Take Me Home' rolls through the motions of an expected pop album. The high-energy beats help juxtapose the softer melodic songs and bring balance to the album. Though the songs have matured over the past year, the same boy-band/teen pop feel is there, with the added twist. As the group is growing up, they have realized that they can't keep the same fans by making music for the younger crowd. By moving forward and expanding their sound, they have kept their audience and started to bring in new listeners at the same time, which is a difficult task for a sophomore album.

One Direction has their second headlining world tour planned to start in February of 2013. This second world tour comes just months after the end of the bands first world tour. Andy Green, associate editor of Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed: "I've never known a band announce a second summer tour before a first summer tour is over. It's insane – they're working them like dogs and printing money right now." The tour will hit North America, Europe, and Australasia totaling for 116 total shows. Check out the official tracklist for 'Take Me Home' below:

1. Live While We're Young
2. Kiss You
3. Little Things
4. C'mon C'mon
5. Last First Kiss
6. Heart Attack
7. Rock Me
8. Change Your Mind
9. I Would
10. Over Again
11. Back For You
12. They Don't Know About Us
13. Summer Love
14. She's Not Afriad
15. Loved You First
16. Nobody Compares
17. Still The One

'Take Me Home' is available in stores and as a digital download tomorrow, November 13th. Fans can hear the albums first and second singles on AOL Radio's New Pop First. The follow up single to 'Live While We're Young' is set to be 'Little Things,' which has a different feel being a ballad. The new sound is a great indication of the range and talent of the young and rising stars.

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