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Chris Brown, 'Fortune' -- Album Review


Chris Brown's 5th studio album, 'Fortune,' was first released on June 29 and is his debut release with RCA Records. The album is a follow up to his #1 album 'F.A.M.E.,' and was originally scheduled to be released 6 months after that album. Four singles have already been released off the album, including 'Turn up the Music,' which reached #10 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The album, despite some negative reviews from critics, debuted at #1 on iTunes.

Although it may not be as strong as 'F.A.M.E,' Fortunes does include many rhythmic tunes, and includes elements of pop and dubstep. "Bassline," is perhaps the best example of dubstep-type beats on the album, while 'Turn up the Music,' is another great dance cut from Chris Brown. 'Don't Wake Me Up' is reminiscent of his recent dance tracks, perhaps reminding fans of 'Beautiful People.'

As usual, Chris Brown collaborates with many artists and producers on the album, including The Underdogs, and Fuego. One of these collaborations, 'Till I Die,' is perhaps his most forceful track, including a lot of elements of hip-hop and Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa trading verses. Brown raps in the song: "Cause when you got it all, everybody want something, middle finger in the air no fist pump." 'Mirage,' featuring Nas, is another powerful track, aimed at his ex. The edge from Brown is also seen in several explicit tracks, including the sexual 'Biggest Fan,' and the buzz song for the album, featuring Kevin McCall, 'Strip,' which is one of his biggest R&B hits ever.

Yet, Chris Brown heads back to his roots as well, slowing things down for some ballads, including the pop-driven 'Stuck on Stupid,' and 'Don't Judge Me,' a song where he tells the world not to judge his past. Although he "don't wanna go there," he sings: "I won't deny what their sayin,' because most of it is true, but it was all before I fell for you."

Also featured on the 14-track album, is Sevyn and Sabrina Antoinette. There are enough hooks and beats to make R&B fans happy, and the lyrics are another attempt by Chris Brown to try to connect his controversial personal life to his music. Check out the full track listing below:

1. Turn Up the Music
2. Bassline
3. Till I Die (Feat. Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa)
4. Mirage (Feat. Nas)
5. Don't Judge Me
6. 2012
7. Biggest Fan
8. Sweet Love
9. Strip (Feat. Kevin McCall)
10. Stuck on Stupid
11. 4 Years Old
12. Party Hard/ Cadillac (Interlude) (Feat. Sevyn)
13. Don't Wake Me Up
14. Trumpet Lights (Feat. Sabrina Antoinette)

Fans can head over to iTunes to purchase 'Fortune.' You can hear the latest from Chris Brown right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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