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Hollywood Undead, 'Notes From The Underground' -- Album Review


Los Angeles rap-rockers, Hollywood Undead, have released their third studio album, 'Notes From The Underground.' The highly anticipated release came as the lead single, 'We Are,' has been rising the rock radio charts. It is the second full length album to feature Danny (Daniel Murillo) as one of the lead vocalists for the group after the departure of Deuce in early 2010.

Following the success of 'American Tragedy' was one of the main concerns for the group. After waiting three years to release their sophomore album, the release of 'Notes From The Underground' came in just a year and a half after the release of 'American Tragedy.' The unique style and sound of Hollywood Undead brought them to the level of success they are at today, and 'Notes From The Underground' retains their style and personality. There's a higher mixture of rap mixed in the songs, which is reminiscent of their first album, 'Swan Songs.'

The mixture of sounds on 'Notes From The Underground' really sets it apart from Hollywood Undead's previous albums. The roots in the rap-rock world are as solid as ever with the release of the new album. The hip-hop vibe hits hardest in songs like 'Up In Smoke', 'One More Bottle', and 'Pigskin.' Then there are songs like 'Outside', 'Lion', and 'Believe' that have the softer alternative side to them. Continuing on, there's the hard rock side in songs like 'From The Ground' and the album's lead single, 'We Are.' The songs flow so smoothly with the different sounds, providing a good mixture of highs and lows throughout the album and affecting the mood of the listener.

The integrity of the band is still very easily noticeable in the songs. The darker side shows up in songs like 'Outside' and 'Rain' and shows that the group hasn't missed a step since 'American Tragedy.' The balance between humor, serious, and dark is balanced just as well as the mix of the genres that the band has perfected. Hollywood Undead is currently on a short mini tour supporting the release of the album. Check out the official tracklist for 'Notes From The Underground' below:

1. Dead Bite
2. From The Ground
3. Another Way Out
4. Lion
5. We Are
6. Pigskin
7. Rain
8. Kill Everyone
9. Believe
10. Up In Smoke
11. Outside
12. Medicine
13. One More Bottle
14. Delish
15. I Am
16. New Day

'Notes From The Underground' is available in stores and on iTunes now. The lead single, 'We Are' can be heard on AOL Radio's Xtreme Alt Rock. Also, be sure to check out the official music video for 'We Are,' which was directed by Shawn "Clown" Crahan (percussionist for Slipknot).

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