Best 10 Inch Guitar Speaker With Great Tone

Any seasoned guitarists would tell you that speakers play an extremely important role in delivering a good tone. Besides having a guitar speaker can help you with recording. Instead of buying a new amp, try replacing the speakers with a best 10 inch guitar speaker.

Of course, you can always go ahead and use your stock guitar amp speakers but upgrading them often have a massive impact on the overall sound, feel and tone, and while upgrading, you can choose from an array of options to fit your vibe. Moreover, replacing the speakers instead of buying a new one can save you a lot of money.

However, swapping speakers is not always a matter of setting up a “better” unit. There is way more to it and having general knowledge about guitar speakers helps. With an ocean of information on the internet, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

So I have listed down a list of some of the best 10 inch guitar speaker along with a buying guide to help you understand the technical characteristics of guitar speakers. Read on!





  • Build of ceramic magnet
  • Round copper voice coil
  • 95 dB sensitivity for less power utilization
  • 3.8 inches deep for mounting in shallow cabinets
  • Full-blooded Celestion sound
  • 93Hz resonance frequency
  • Natural mid-range with an articulate top end

Celestion is a veteran brand name in the guitar industry and a best 10 inch guitar speaker. It started back in 1924 and took the guitar community by storm with its amplifiers and speakers. It has won the hearts of many musicians across the globe with their unique products that strike a balance between mellow tonal quality and power.

Usually, most of the 10-inch units are expensive, but the Celestion Ten 30 is one of the best 10 inch guitar speaker that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. The design of the Ten 30 is pretty standard comprising of a sturdy steel harness. On the downside, this 10-inch unit will not fit into a cabinet made for 12-inch drivers.

However, the harness reduces movements which means that there will be low noise and vibration when you are playing. The Ten 30 covers a frequency range of 85-5000Hz, which is impressive since it can go down pretty low. The Ten 30 lacks the usual warmth of a Celestion speaker but does have a good vocal mid-range.

If you combine this speaker with a good overdrive pedal, you will receive a very distinguishable tone. This beautiful Celestion grit is something that grows on you as you hear it more and more. However, if you prefer a cleaner sound, this speaker will live up to your expectations.

Even though the Ten 30 lacks warmth, it still sounds better than most factory-made commercial speakers. If you want an entry-level speaker that offers both affordability and performance, then this is made for you! 

But if you want a subwoofer that can handle more power, and play louder, then check these recommended 12-inch subwoofers. They are boomier, and many people find that they just sound better.


  • Sounds great
  • Fits into most cabinets
  • Perfect for lead and rhythm guitar
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • The sound lacks warmth




  • Felt dust cap for protection from moisture and dust
  • Paper cone
  • Pressed steel basket
  • Polymide former
  • Non-vented core
  • Ferrite magnet
  • 8 ohm

Eminence Legend speaker is one of the best 10 inch guitar speaker replacement. It is a classic choice for your music practice. The speaker is made of sturdy materials which are durable enough to withstand low and high pitches without any distortion in the sound. Speakers which are 10-inches in diameter offer a full-blown sound output.

The best part of this speaker is that it amplifies the quietest sound that your guitar can make. So even if you’re gently strumming on the strings, each tone will be delivered clearly. You can perform in cafes or on-stage without worrying about losing your sound in the background noises.

As for the sound, it packs a lot of punch. It is crisp and has decent sounding highs, detailed mids, great fat lows. The overdrive also sounds pretty impressive. The Eminence Legend is a perfect fit for musicians who play blues, country or rockabilly. Most of the speakers that you will find in the market are usually compatible with specific amplifiers.

The Eminence Legend is easy to install and operate. It is made of copper and has a power of 80 Watt, and as we know, copper is one of the best insulators for speakers.

The unit has a core-like shape which enhances and exemplifies the sound output. The top is sealed with a cap which prevents moisture and dirt from getting inside the body. This reduces maintenance efforts and internal damage. It is a great guitar speaker for anyone who wants a quality product on a budget.


  • Compatible with almost all amplifiers
  • Great crisp sound
  • Perfect for rock, blues, rockabilly and country
  • Easy to install
  • Dustproof


  • Sounds excessively bright on the higher end


SEISMIC - Best 10 inch Guitar Speaker


  • 8 ohms 
  • 200 watt RMS and 400 Watts peak
  • Frequency response between 30Hz-5000Hz
  • Pressed steel chassis
  • Paper cone edge
  • One year warranty
  • Ideal for bass guitar rigs

Seismic Audio is an underrated brand in the guitar industry. Maybe it does not belong to a popular brand name or is not the best 10 inch guitar speaker, but it does prove to be worthy of being on this list. Whether you want to build a new cabinet or want to upgrade the speakers in your existing cabinet, the Jolt-10 is a great fit.

Building your own speaker saves a lot of money and spending time on a fun project like this can be very rejuvenating. Many people like investing a lot of money on projects like this but if you are someone who just wants to experiment and have fun, spending a lot of money on buying new speakers is a huge loss.

But then again, you have to choose between costly but premium quality speakers or affordable but poor quality speakers. Seismic audio makes it easier for you to decide since it incorporates both good performances with budget-friendliness.

It is made with decent quality materials that will last a long time. Moreover, it is easy to install them so that you don’t have to take the extra headache to figure out how to set it up. The sound is clear and crisp, and it handles low B notes pretty well when compared to other low-budget speakers.

If you are a student who wants a good speaker for yourself, then the Jolt-10 is your one-stop destination. The sound is not extraordinary, so unless you are extremely picky about sound quality, you will love this.


  • Tuner head is visible from all angles.
  • Durable rubber grips.
  • Built-in battery saver.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to position.


  • The display is prone to breaking.

4. Jensen MOD10-70 10" 70 Watt Guitar/Bass Speaker


  • Fat lows
  • Aggressive mids
  • Subtle highs
  • Edgy overdrive
  • 70 watts of power handling capacity
  • Non-treated Cloth material for dust dome
  • Pressed sheet basket material

The Jensen Mod Series offers a variety of impedance ratings and speaker sizes. The Jensen Mod 10-70 is one of the sizes that enjoys a considerable amount of popularity. It is affordable and is built with high-quality ceramic magnets. It is a ferrite speaker with 70 watts of power.

Many people claim that the Jensen Mod 10-70 has a “Marshall” type sound. And it is quite true. For the money you are paying, it is a pretty great upgrade for your stock guitar speakers.

Usually, when you buy a budget speaker, you would expect a mediocre, low-quality sound. Even if a speaker provides a loud volume, the sound is usually distorted and wobbly. Such distortion ruins one’s performance since all the notes sound indistinguishable.

Even if the money that you spent on the cheap speaker is less, you would not probably want a garbled mess to ruin your performance right? Well, worry not since the Jensen Mod 10-70 is an excellent replacement speaker for your rig.

What makes it one of the best 10 inch guitar speaker is its ability to deliver a well-balanced and crystal clear sound. The sound will not be too bass-heavy, and it has a very natural high-end.

The beautiful western sound has enough sustained and tonal clarity to make any seasoned guitarists happy. It is a versatile speaker and sounds great with various music genres, especially blues. Hence, if you are looking for a guitar speaker with a clean tone, you should really give this one a try!


  • Well-balanced sound
  • Durable
  • Sturdy cone
  • Adequate sustain
  • Good performance for the price


  • Heavy


WAREHOUSE - best 10 inch guitar speaker


  • Vintage American sound
  • Depth of 4 ¼”
  • A basket diameter of 10 3/16”
  • The mounting diameter of ¼”
  • 75 Watts power handling capacity
  • 79.61 Hz resonant frequency
  • Ceramic speaker

The Warehouse G10C is yet another underrated gem. The G10C is as good as the G12Cs, if not better. The build quality is excellent, owing to its sturdy cone and motor. It is a loose speaker, so it will move around a lot, which is a strange issue, in my opinion. Good speakers can do wonders and change the quality of your performance for the better.

Investing in a guitar speaker that delivers a clean tone without being too loud and harsh is very crucial, especially if you play country or folk. Many speakers give that loud volume without the crispness, and that is what ruins many performances. However, with the Warehouse G10C, you will get a sound that has an excellent feel, tone and articulation.

The speaker has a pristine vintage American vibe to it which is great for country and blues. The sound is very similar to the G12Cs with the difference in the bass. It tones down the treble and has a focused bass response. This means that the G10C has a reduced bass and more mid-range articulation.

The high-end is impeccable, clean and crisp. Moreover, it also has a great EQ balance. The sound might be too warm for people who want to play hard rock, so maybe the G10C might nor be suitable for you if you are into playing heavier music genres. Hence, if you are looking for a good guitar speaker to practice with, then the Warehouse G10C is one of the best 10 inch guitar speaker out there!


  • Clean, pristine sound
  • Great for blues and country
  • Good power handling capacity
  • Sturdy and Affordable


  • The tones might be too warm for hard rock players.


When it comes to accessories for guitar, there's a range of essential gears a guitarist should have and 10 inch speakers is one among them. Choosing the best 10 inch guitar speaker can be a confusing task, especially if you are a novice and have limited knowledge about guitar speakers. This mini-guide will try to cover the essential things about guitar speakers to facilitate the selection process.

1. Choose the right size

First of all, the sizes are measures in inches and accordingly, you will find 6,8,10,12 and 15-inch sized speakers. If you are buying a replacement speaker, then it is essential to know the size of your speaker.

Otherwise, you might face issues while trying to fit it into the cabinet. You can either measure the physical diameter by measuring the cone with a measuring tape or by searching your speaker’s model number and brand name online. 

2. Magnet Type

It’s all about the Alnico versus Ceramic magnet for guitarists. Alnico magnets are more popular among musicians that are known for their sweetness and dynamic nature. However, ceramic magnets were used in many classic speakers and remained a favorite choice among musicians.

3. Speaker Watt and Ohm Rating

The most logical thing to do is to get a speaker that supports almost the same amount of watts as the RMS output. However, if you want to avoid damaging your speaker, then it always safe to buy a speaker that can handle 35% more power watts than the output of the amplifier.

Never replace the guitar speaker with a particular ohm rating with one that is different from the original. Choosing the wrong impedance can cause damage to the speaker.

4. American vs British Guitar Speakers

American toned guitar speakers have a scooped sound with good treble and a marked bass. They have bright and open audio is ideal for those who want a clean and crisp sound.


However, they do not know do well for distorted and grungy audios. British toned speakers have more focused and medium audio that is ideal for distorted and saturated tones. But they do not perform well with open and dynamic audios.


You will see a multitude of lists like this with guides telling you which is the best 10 inch guitar speaker in the market. But every opinion is unique and different. Yours does not need to be the same. Choosing the right speaker for you ultimately comes down to your own personal preference. Use your ear and let it be the verdict.

Try listening to audio samples of the speaker and only choose something that meets your requirements. Just keep the few things listed in the above-mentioned guide, and you will be good to go. Happy jamming and practice hard!

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