Best 4×6 Car Speakers For Good Bass

A nice melody or your favorite rock music playing while driving will surely help in uplifting your mood as it acts as a therapy to many people. However, your car's factory speakers won't let you feel the music because of their low-quality sound. Hence, your car might need an upgrade; that said, you can get new 4x6 speakers. But how?

Don't worry! Even if you don't know a thing about car speakers, here we are at your rescue. There are many 4x6 speakers in the market, but you might get confused between them.

Thus, we have listed the top 6 best 4x6 speakers of 2021 with their detailed reviews. We have included a small yet helpful buying guide to help you understand what's best for you. Therefore, please read this guide till the end and find the best 4 by 6 speakers for you.



BEST 4X6 SPEAKERS - Rockford Fosgate P1462


  • 4x6 2 way speakers
  • 35 watt RMS
  • PEI dome tweeter
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Flexfit basket design

Rockford Fosgate never disappoints music enthusiasts when it comes to speakers. The P1462 4x6 car speakers are a good example of it. It's a pair of two-way speakers with a very well-constructed design, due to which it is strong and can endure all the bumps and bad roads while driving.

Talking about its specifications, it comes with a power handling capacity of 70 watts max, which means 35 RMS for each one.

Hence, this also means they are loud enough to cover a sizeable area. Additionally, the 4-ohm impedance helps the 4x6 car speakers be loud. The frequency response of this pair of 4x6 car speakers is 90Hz to 22KHz, which is quite large and will surely let you enjoy music with crystal clear highs and vocals.

As it's a two-way speaker, it only comes with a tweeter and a woofer. However, do not think that it cannot cover all the frequencies.

The PEI dome tweeter makes sure none of the highs are left behind, and the injection-molded polypropylene woofer covers all the lows and mids. Also, they are lightweight yet sturdy, and that's why they don't distort the sound even at high frequencies.

What makes these 4x6 speakers with good bass stand out is their ability to fit easily. You don't have to be a professional to install these speakers in your car. You can even watch a video tutorial and fix them.

Moreover, their unique flex-fit basket design makes sure they fit well in any car. Hence, we would highly recommend you to get this pair of 4 by 6 speakers by Rockford Fosgate.


  • Tough build
  • Good 4x6 speakers with loud sound
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Perfect sound reproduction
  • Budget-friendly price range
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  • 70 watt RMS
  • 3-ohm impedance
  • 75Hz- 20KHz frequency response
  • 91dB sensitivity
  • Premium tweeters

The second one on the list is a pair of 4x6 speakers by JBL. they are coming from a brand like JBL so there is no debate on their quality. However, there are some features you should know before choosing them.

First, they have an impedance of 3 ohms, so they can pull current easily through them and won't be a problem for amplifiers. Furthermore, the 105-watt peak power is worth having if you prefer your speakers to be loud all the time. Also, the 75 watt RMS is good for nonstop loud music.

This JBL club 6420 is a 4x6 2-way speaker, including a premium tweeter to cover all the high-frequency sound with no distortions and a strong woofer for the mids and low frequencies. Additionally, the frequency response of this JBL 4x6 speaker pair is 75Hz-20KHz, which is way more as compared to the first one, and it covers the low frequencies well.

The bass of these JBL 4x6 car speakers is what music enthusiasts will truly appreciate as they offer a punchier bass as compared to the others on the list. Also, this might be due to its 91dB sensitivity and the premium material quality.

Additionally, the excellent treble will help you in adjusting the volume of these loudest 4x6 car speakers. Talking about its installation, it's not rocket science; it's easy, and you can do it using its user manual and online tutorials. To sum up, they are the best 4x6 speakers at this price range, and you should definitely try them.


  • Easy installation
  • Sounds great
  • Crisp high notes
  • Punchy bass
  • Excellent treble




  • 3-way speakers
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • 120 watt RMS
  • 89dB sensitivity
  • 95Hz- 20KHz frequency response

Done with those dull-colored 4x6 car speakers? Here is a pair of 4x6 3-way speakers with an extremely attractive blue color woofer and would really pair great with the same colored cars.

Talking about its specifications, as it's a 4x6 3-way speaker pair, they include a polypropylene woofer for the lows, a 1-inch neodymium dome for mids, and a ¾ inch piezo tweeter to cover the highs.

The blue poly injection cone makes it an eye-catcher, yet does its work of being stiff perfectly, and it's lightweight too. Furthermore, the midrange dome and tweeter reproduce the mids and highs with great precision.

With a frequency response of 95Hz-20KHz, you can clearly hear the high notes and vocals without any distortions. What makes the sound quality of these speakers even better is its 1-inch high-temperature ASV voice coil that minimizes distortion.

Furthermore, if you love to drive faster, you don't have to worry about these speakers; they are made out of strong material, and as they are surrounded by butyl rubber, they stay secured at a place even while rash driving.

On top of that, these 4x6 car stereo speakers come with protective grills so dust cannot enter in. also, even at such a low price range, these Pyle 4x6 speakers provide you a rich bass-filled sound and easy installation. Thus, we would say these speakers have a lot to offer, and you will never regret buying these best 4x6 speakers with good bass.


  • ASV voice coil
  • Includes grills
  • Perfect mids and highs
  • Cheap 4x6 speakers
  • Good bass



  • 50 watt RMS
  • PEI dome tweeters
  • Polypropylene woofers
  • 88dB sensitivity
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Want a pair of premium 4x6 car speakers at a low price range? If yes, these kicker 4 x 6 speakers will be an excellent option for you. As many of these car speaker reviews say, it's the best 4x6 2-way speaker at a cheaper price range, and that too with amazing sound quality.

Moving towards the specifications, these speakers 4x6 have a max power handling capacity of 150 watts and RMS of 50 watts.

However, if you think it's lower, the sensitivity is 88dB, so it's loud enough to fill your car with sound and would last longer compared to other speakers of this range. The frequency response of 50Hz- 20KHz is quite good as it can cover all the frequencies easily.

Furthermore, the build quality of these kicker 6x4 car speakers is pretty impressive. They come with strong PEI dome tweeters that are paired with neodymium tweeter magnets, so the sound doesn't distort at high frequencies and is loud. Also, the polypropylene cone and polyester woofer cover the mids and lows with utmost precision.

Additionally, they are heat and sunlight-resistant. These coaxial speakers are easy to install and won't even take a lot of time. Hence, it is a perfect choice for people searching for cheap yet good working kicker 4x6 speakers.


  • Loud sound
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Reproduces lows perfectly
  • This Kicker 4x6 car speakers
    has good build quality
  • Easy to install



  • 2-way speakers
  • 70 watt RMS
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • 80Hz-20KHz frequency response
  • Copper voice coil

Searching for the best 4x6 speakers under $50? The Skar audio TX46 will be the best choice for you. These 4x6 two-way speakers are popular amongst music enthusiasts for their exceptional sound quality and good build at a cheap price range.

First of all, as they are 2-way 4x6 speakers, they include a silk dome tweeter and a polypropylene cone that can precisely cover all the lows, mids, and highs without any distortions. Additionally, the 1.25-inch voice coil included is the best for reproducing high notes and vocals in a sound.

These 4x6 coaxial speakers have a peak power of 140 watts and 70 RMS, which is great according to us as you can easily find an amplifier of the same range. Also, the 4-ohm impedance will make it easier to work with. With these speakers, you will get a sensitivity of 86dB, so it is pretty loud as its price range is considered.

The top-notch build quality is what it's famous for. They are strong and sturdy and can easily go through stressful temperatures. Therefore, the Skar 4x6 speakers will work like magic for you if you are low on budget.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Loud enough
  • Clear vocals
  • Amazing sound reproduction



  • polymer/ mica cone
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • 120-watt max power
  • Tight bass
  • 4x6 marine speakers

Having the same price range like our previous entry, the Polk Audio DB416 is our last best 4x6 speaker in this list and something you should have if you don't maintain your car speakers. As marketed by the brand itself, these are 4x6 marine speakers, which are perfect for not just for car but also for boats.

They can survive extreme temperatures, UV rays, and sunlight due to their superb build quality and design. With this pair of coaxial speakers, you can get a peak power of 120 watts, and that's why this 4x6 speakers for bass are too loud.

Having a silk dome tweeter paired with neodymium magnets, these speakers can reproduce crisp, clear highs and that too without any distortions. Also, the polymer mica composite cone helps in producing mids and lows clearly.

You don't have to worry about these speakers getting out of the place after installation. The butyl rubber surrounding the 4 by 6 speakers takes care of it and also keeps them safe.

Hence, if you want a pair of 4x6 marine speakers for your boat or even car, these Polk Audio speakers are the best 4x6 speakers to buy.


  • Can stand stressful conditions
  • Smooth treble
  • Very loud sound
  • Crisp highs


Having the best 4x6 speakers really matters if you love music while on a long drive. You can choose any of the six 4x6 door speakers featured above. However, if you are having a hard time choosing the 4x6 car speakers for you, here is a small buying guide for you where we have discussed some important factors you should consider.

Sensitivity of speakers

In simple words, sensitivity is the measurement of how loud your speakers can be with a given current input. Hence, the higher the sensitivity of a speaker, the louder the speaker will be. So go for 4x6 speakers with higher sensitivity.

Power handling capacity

The max power handling capacity of a good 4x6 speaker is always above 100. This decides how much time your speaker can run at once and its loudness. Hence, go for speakers with more power handling capacity.

Build quality

The sound quality of the speakers also depends on their build. The woofers and other components should be stiff yet lightweight so they can vibrate but cannot distort the sound. Also, the speakers should be strong enough to endure stressful conditions and bad roads.


Having the best 4x6 car speakers will surely help you in upgrading your car sound system, unlike those factory speakers who don't have great sound quality. So now that we are at the end of this article on the top 6 best 4x6 speakers of 2021, we hope that you have found the best pair of 4x6 car speakers for yourself, and you will get those as soon as possible.

Lastly, you can trust us with a blind eye as we have tested all these speakers for their quality. Also, we have more such guides with us that we hope you may like.

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