Best Capo For Acoustic Guitar To Improve Guitar Pitch

You reach a point in your guitar journey where you start buying accessories that help or aid in you playing the songs you want to play correctly or easily. Different sizes of picks, sliders, percussion pads whatnot. Today, we will talk about perhaps the most used accessory (and perhaps the most useful) the Capo. 

A best capo for acoustic guitar adds a lot of versatility to your playing. It is a no-brainer, easy to use tool which helps you a lot. 

What it does is it clamps onto a fret on the guitar and raises the overall pitch and acts like a finger that is barring all the strings (not always) of that fret. It is a very useful tool that every guitarist, bassist, banjoist, ukulele player, etc should have in their arsenal.

See, inherently, all capos do the same thing and it is not exactly a very complicated task. However, like everything else in this world, they too do differ somewhat.  Capos should be a one-time investment. You do not want to run around buying a new capo every 3rd month as you do with strings.

Get one and it should last for a good chunk of time and that is why it is essential to buy a capo that meets your requirements, is high quality, easy to use and provides you with the best sound as the sound factor is most important. Now, let’s begin the list.

Best Capo For Acoustic Guitar Review

1) Jim Dunlop - Best Trigger Curved capo

JIM DUNLOP - best capo for acoustic guitar


  • Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Made in the USA.

Capos have one job, this product does it. Jim Dunlop built his first capo, at home on his coffee table, in 1965. It was superior in quality and worked fantastically. That laid the groundwork for all the capos by them and this one stands true to that.

This Capo is made up of aircraft quality aluminum, which again I do not know if it’s actual aircraft or more of a thing that companies claim but never the less, the feels absolutely beastly and I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t an exaggeration. Despite that, the capo is fairly lightweight which is good as I do not want a bicep workout while changing the pitch of my guitar.

This best capo for acoustic guitar has a strong spring action which clamps where you want it to firmly and applies consistent pressure which is what it is meant to do.

I really like the design of this capo, it has an ergonomic shape which makes re-fretting this capo extremely easy and convenient while a padded handle simply makes it feel nice on touch and rather comfortable. It does not require a lot of force to use, even initially and it can be used for 12 strings also only adds to the versatility of it.


  • Can be used for 6 and 12 strings.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Easy to use thanks to the padded handle and ergonomic design.


  • None that I found.

2) KLIQ - Best Cheap Guitar Capo



  • Made for 6 string acoustics.
  • Built using aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Rounded design.
  • Calibrated string tension.
  • Easy to use, spring action capo.

Before everything else, I must admit, I did have a half-smile when I heard the name of this capo. The company’s name in itself is rather quirky, calling themselves KLIQ and on top of that, they named their guitar capos “K-PO”. I can’t tell if a child named that or a funny dude, nonetheless, I like it. The KLIQ K-PO did something different with their design and decided to go with a more rounder design instead of the classic sharp one.

Capos were never really sharp enough to cut anything anyway, but I suppose adding more roundness to the design certainly does add some safety and also a subtle design change. One thing rounder design has over the sharp, edgy one (except for dark jokes) is that they are much more comfortable to hold… this best capo for acoustic guitar is all about that. The K-PO is designed to be easy to use, convenient and fast whilst changing keys on, say, a stage. You do not wanna fiddle around.

You want to change to be as quick as possible and with this capo’s smooth clamping action, you can do that with just one hand and have the capo rest on the headstock when not in use, It is made with aircraft-grade zinc alloy, so this spring-loaded capo is not going anywhere and is as tough as they get and offer a life-time warranty, that’s trust in your product.

It is specifically designed for radiused fingerboards of steel-string guitars and comes equipped with soft resilient rubber that protects the neck and avoids deadening, a common problem amongst trigger capos.


  • Easy to use.
  • Well built.
  • Comes with a nice metal case.


  • Not for 12 strings or classical guitars.

3) Shubb - Best Adjustable Clamp Capo

SHUBB GUITAR - best capo for acoustic guitar


  • Adjustable Clamp Capo.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Custom-made rubber to apply pressure and cause no scratches.
  • Well suited for 6 string acoustic, electric and classical guitars.

Shubb guitar capo is the best capo for acoustic guitar and it will certainly attract some eyes. However, despite the simplicity behind the concept of a capo, Shubb was able to come up with an original design that sets it apart from the rest. Aesthetics aside, this capo is also an Amazon’s Choice product with a perfect 5-star rating so you know you are looking at a fantastic product, loved by most.

This Shubb capo is built using stainless steel which makes this a very strong, sturdy high-quality feeling tool that also resists to basic wear and tears longer than your average aluminum or zinc capos, making it look new and beautiful even after a long time. The design is more than aesthetics though. This capo is one that falls into the category of “Adjustable Clamp Capos”.

These types of capos allow you to dial-up or down the tension that it applies on the guitar with a turn of a screw, allowing you to completely eliminate fret buzzing. A nice feature this capo holds is a roller mechanism that provides the user with a smoother experience whilst using the capo and further helps in reducing wear and tear.

The capo is designed in such a way that it takes as little space as possible, making it only look subtle but also provide your hand more space. With bulky capos, sometimes, the very next fret becomes a tad tough to play if you have big or fat fingers.

Despite being rather compact, the capo tightly clamps onto the guitar, not so tight that it sends the guitar out of tone, rather just tight enough to serve its purpose without creating any unwanted buzz and as I mentioned earlier, throwing the strings out of tune. The capo is fairly easy to use despite looking kinda complicated and is durable.


  • Subtle, slim and sturdy design (ah, that alliteration).
  • With the right adjustment, there is no fret buzzing.
  • Very unique, adjustable clamp style.                      


  • Adjustable clamp capos take some time to put on (only initially though).

4) Kyser - Best Lightweight Capo For Acoustic Guitar

KYSER QUICK - best capo for acoustic guitar


  • Lightweight, Aluminium build.
  • Easy to use design.
  • Nice curves.

The Kyser Quick-Change Capo has that traditional, classic, spring capo look which, other than, well looking traditional, actually makes it very easy to use. The capo features some attractive curves and cuts which I think add a bit more character to the overall simple look, which I am a fan of. This shape allows for quick changing as the name suggests.

This best capo for acoustic guitar are very easy to use and you can use it with just one hand, I did it with a finger and a thumb. When this capo is not pressing down on the fretboard, you can stick it up on the headstock of your guitar whilst not in use (it will not damage your guitar, do not worry). The Kyser capo is made up of strong, lightweight aluminum with steel spring and it applies pressure effectively and creates no buzz.

Mind you, this applies to almost every capo out there, because of the way they are built, they will loosen up with time. So, if initially, it may seem like it requires some force to use the capo, do not worry as that problem is only temporary. You do not want a loose capo, which is a bad capo.


  • Easy to use and creates no buzz.
  • Great for live concerts.


  • Children might have trouble using it initially (easy to deal with though).                                       

5) D’Addario NS - Best Tri-Action Capo

D’Addario NS Tri-Action


  • Built with ultra-light aircraft-quality aluminum.
  • Tri-action geometry requires only ⅓ force to operate.
  • Micrometer tension adjustment.
  • Integrated pick holder.
  • Can be equipped on a 6 string and 12 string.

D’Addario is known for making quality accessories for guitars at a reasonable price and they follow that trend here. The D’Addario NS takes the cake for being extremely innovative and this capo was designed by none other than Ned Steinberger, patent-pending.

So, what’s so special about this capo? Let’s talk about the build. This best capo for acoustic guitar is made with aircraft-grade aluminum so you know it is built like a wall yet it is extremely lightweight and adds a negligible amount of weight upon the neck of your instrument.

Using this capo is a piece of cake, it is as easy to use as a spring capo however it offers much better performance. The NS capo comes equipped with a micrometer screw on the handle with applies the perfect amount of pressure.

This ensures that the amount of pressure that is being applied is just enough to offer you a buzz-free playing experience at any fret and makes sure that it does not send any strings out of the desired tuning.

The Tri-Action geometry of this capo reduces the amount of force required to open or close it and, this is genius, it comes equipped with a pick holder. Talk about simple yet brilliant. I’m sure you are already sold by now but if not, well, it is extremely versatile as it can be used on all capo friendly instruments as well as 12 string. Easily one of the best capos money can buy.


  • Works perfectly, no buzzing.
  • Built strong, looks good.
  • An integrated pick holder is a genius idea.
  • Tri=action makes it easier to use for everyone.
  • Versatile.


  • None I found.

6) AmazonBasics Capo

AmazonBasics Zinc Alloy


  • Built with Zinc alloy.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • Spring action capo for 6 string acoustic and electric guitars.

Known for simple and reliable products, the capo by AmazonBasics follows this trend. This best capo for acoustic guitar, made with durable zinc alloy with an electroplating surface that's oxidation and corrosion-resistant protects the guitar and makes it look good and new even after some time.

This spring action capo clamps onto the strings firmly and makes sure there is no buzz. It comes equipped with soft silicon cushion protects the guitar from scratches and damage and it has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold and move about.

The pressure required to use the capo is not much and you can easily do it with one hand. This is a no-brainer, simple capo that has one job and does it well.


  • Simple design and looks fresh even after wear and tear.
  • Offered minimum to no buzzing.


  • Sometimes, I felt, the metal on this vibrated.                                                                                                 

7) Creative Tunings Spider Capo Standard

Creative Tunings Spider


  • Spider Capo.
  • For 6 string guitars.
  • Fine-tuning of each string for exact intonation.

So, this cool looking capo is what you call a Spider Capo and it has individual lever-triggered pads for each string so you can basically tune your guitar how you want. A creative, experimenter’s favorite toy! With this one can easily switch between different tunes or simply use it as a 6 string capo. The possibilities for this type of capo are endless.

Despite looking rather heavy, it only weighs less than an ounce and comes equipped with soft leather that protects the neck. The product feels still in its infant stage and is cumbersome to use to me. However, if you have been playing for a few years and want to experiment, I would recommend this.


  • Different than the rest.
  • Creates a lot of openings for creative ventures.


  • Feels cheap.

8) Nordic Essentials Universal Guitar Capo (2 Pack)

NORDIC ESSENTIALS - best capo for acoustic guitar


  • Well suited for 6 string and 12 strings.
  • Works well on acoustic and electric guitars along with ukelele, banjo.
  • Made with durable, lightweight aluminum.

Okay, so when you purchase this best capo for acoustic guitar, you get 2 capos! Why? Because 2 is better than 1. Okay, it’s actually more of a 2 at the price of 1 deal. These Nordic Essentials Capos are fantastic and come in a variety of colors which is a plus point certainly as people like having options (I just go with black and gray).

This capo has that professional look, thanks to its design. Speaking of its design, it remedies a major issue that one might face in cheaper, more “classic” looking capos.

The release on this thing isn’t too tight, it is much easier to use compared to a cheaper capo which tends to require some force, making them rather troublesome to use for some women and children. It retains the quick release mechanism, ease of use, no buzzing and is fantastic at its job.

The capos themselves are made up of high quality, lightweight, “Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum”. which feels extremely durable. I am not gonna brag to my military friends about a capo after all.

The life-time warranty they come with is certainly something I would brag about and the 2 carry poaches are certainly appreciated. Both capos are the same, just the color is different so you can expect to have an amazing performance from both!


  • Made with premium-grade zinc.
  • Feels quality and is easy to use for everyone.
  • No buzzing.


  • Nothing against the capo, you just do not really need 2 of the most of the time.

9) Paige PG6E

Paige Original


  • Wrap-around capo.
  • Depth, when the capo is open, is 1 1/8 (1.125) inch.
  • Controlled tension.
  • For 6 string acoustic guitars.

The Paige PG6E is what one would call a “wrap-around capo”. These types of capos, as the name suggests, wraps around the neck of the guitar and you can slide it up and down the neck. The wrap-around type of capos is fantastic for lazy people like me as you can just place it behind the nut when you are not using it.

When needed, simply slide it down to the fret you want and screw it down. In this capo, a tension screw sits in the middle of its body, this applies tension upon the strings and also allows you to adjust the amount of pressure applied in order to get that perfect, no-buzz performance.

It will not only provide you with a buzz-free playing experience but will not annoy you buy detuning your strings and string action capos tend to do. This best capo for acoustic guitar is made in the USA and has a very low-key, subtle and sleek design.

Wrap around capos are amazing but the lack of versatility, fits a certain radius of the neck and it is important to make sure that the model that you are getting fits your guitar, otherwise, it is not gonna be of use to you.


  • Can rest behind the nut when not in use.
  • Applies the right amount of pressure for no buzzing.


  • Not very versatile.                                                                                                                                                 


GUITARX X3 - best capo for acoustic guitar


  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, strong and resistant.
  • A high-quality silicone pad protects your instrument against damage.
  • Can be used for 6 string electric and acoustic guitars.

This capo is built tough! This GUITARX X3 capo is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which makes it sturdy and solid. The capo comes in 2 colors, black and gun-metal, both of which look incredibly stunning when you pair it up with the engraved “X” logo of the brand.

This best capo for acoustic guitars clamps itself tightly with the string and performs as it should, no buzz to be found. It has a subtle design, which is great because I like I prefer the look of capos that blend in. Some capos stick out which, at least in my opinion, causes a bit of distraction and just looks unappealing.

Here, there is no such problem. The capo works as intended and when not in use, you always have the option to clamp it down on top of the headstock. It lacks out a bit on versatility as you cannot use these on a 12 string and while it can work for a classical guitar, it is not modeled to work on them so as long as you are using strictly an electric or acoustic 6 string guitar, you are good to go.

Another drawback I found that it clamps down rather hard. It applies so much pressure on some guitars that it causes them to detune a bit. That problem is not consistent, it only happens sometimes on some guitars but nonetheless, it was worth mentioning. Other than that, this thing works as advertised.


  • Nicely built.
  • Clamps firmly, padded with silicone pads for no scratching.


  • Clamps down so hard sometimes it sends guitars out of tune.

Best Capo For Acoustic Guitar - Buyers Guide

Every guitarist has their own accessories that help them out – whether it is to sound unique, play easier, change their strings quickly, or just perform better. And capo is one of my favorite of all the guitar accessories. Choosing a capo is not very complicated but each instrument is different, it is better to ask the right questions to choose the right model. This is why we are offering you this guide which, we hope, will help you see more clearly.

1. What is a capo?

With a capo you can, for example, increase the key of your guitar by a semitone, without the chord positions changing. You can therefore change the key of a song without having to change your fingering. It's a bit like having a fifth finger doing a barre, letting the other four take care of the chords. Capo comes to us from capodastre, itself derived from the Italian word capasto which means head nut. Indeed, the capo plays the same role as the head nut of a guitar, with the difference that it is mobile.

2. How to use a capo?

The capo pinches the handle, a bit like using your thumb and forefinger. And just like your fingers, the capo puts pressure on the strings to change their vibrating length. Make sure not to over tighten the capo to avoid the instrument ringing out of tune or marking the paint on the neck.

3. What are the different types of capos?

  • The Toggle capos:  They are the most accessible but require more time and care in their installation. In addition, their adjustment is not very precise.
  • C-Clamp capos: They are the easiest thing to use, since you only need to use the screw to change the pressure on the strings.
  • Spring Loaded capos:  They are undoubtedly the most popular. Indeed, these capos are just as simple as they are quick to use. Their only drawback is that the spring is not adjustable, hence the interest in choosing a quality capo whose spring has been carefully calibrated.

There are also special capos that combine both screw and clamp systems. Often more expensive, they have the advantage of being particularly efficient.


And that is it for this list of best capo for acoustic guitar. I hope you found the perfect pair for your guitar. You must keep in mind the wood and condition of your guitar as well. Better perhaps, but it will be worth the money. I hope you liked this buying guide and if you have found your ideal capo for your acoustic guitar comment it below.

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