Best Center Channel Speaker For Dialogue

When it comes to watching movies or your favorite web series, you cannot rely only on a good 4K TV and surrounding speakers for the best home theater experience. You will need something that can make the audio loud and more effective, and that's what the best center channel speakers does. 

Best Center Channel Speakers

These speakers direct the dialogues and other detailed music directly towards you, which enhances your home theater experience. 

However, that's not the only thing it does, and you need to be careful while choosing one for you. That's why, to make things easier for you, here we are with a list of the top 8 best center channel speakers of 2022, paired with their detailed reviews. We have written these center channel speaker reviews after a lot of rigorous testing and online survey so you can trust us with a blind eye. 

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  • Terylene dome tweeter
  • Polypropylene woofer
  • 7 drivers
  • Sleek design
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Wide center channel speaker

This extremely mesmerizing Polk signature Elite ES35 speaker will give you the best home theater experience with its perfect sound reproduction and punchier bass that will make your walls vibrate.

There are in total 7 drivers on this central speaker and having a single yet powerful 1-inch terylene soft dome tweeter, this center speaker reproduces precise and crystal clear high frequencies.

Similarly, the other 6, 3-inch woofers are the ideal for filling your room with sound and covering all the mids and lows at the same time. 

Talking about its build quality, the cabinet of this surround sound center speaker is very strong. The design is very compact so as to fit anywhere under your TV. You can also mount it on your wall. And even if it's a small center channel speaker, the bass is unexceptionally powerful and clear for a compact center channel speaker.

As it is a center speaker for surround sound, you can place it on any side for a home theater upgrade.

This Polk center channel speaker comes with a high sensitivity, which in turn means very loud sound. So if you love having a loud sound while enjoying your favorite movie, this is the ideal center channel speaker for your home. Additionally, the 4 ohm to 8-ohm compatibility lets you use amplifiers of the same range easily.

Lastly, your purchase is totally safe. Polk offers a 5-year warranty on this central speaker so you don't have to worry about your hard-earned money. To sum up, it's the best center channel speaker, and you should definitely go for it.


  • Wall mountable
  • Thumping bass
  • Budget-friendly price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Crystal clear sound




  • 2-way speaker design
  • 145W max input
  • 86 dB sensitivity
  • 4 inch two woofers
  • 1 inch 1 tweeter
  • Powerful bass
  • 6-ohm impedance

Sony is a brand whose name is always connected with speakers. They are known to be one of the best speaker manufacturers around the world. One such model to prove its versatility is this Sony SSCS8 2 way speaker, which we consider as the finest center channel speaker.

Even while having such a low price range, this center speaker doesn't lag in sound quality. That's because of its precise cabinet including one, 1-inch super tweeter with wide directionality for making the high-frequency sounds crispier and it doesn't distort them, and the other two, 4-inch woofers are responsible for its perfect mids and lows. 

This top center channel speaker can take a maximum input of 145 watts, which might not be good for larger rooms, but it can produce sound large enough to fill a smaller room.

Besides that, this Sony SSCS8 also offers a pumping bass because of the bottom layer. You can also connect it to an amplifier for a louder and distortion-free sound as the 6-ohm impedance is quite common in small center speakers.

Many Sony SSCS8 reviews also suggest it's a good center speaker as its sound quality is considered. A sensitivity of 86 dB when paired with the power of the same range makes a speaker long-lasting yet loud and that's what you get here in this center channel speaker.

Lastly, this central speaker is aesthetically appealing and is worth having in your drawing-room. Hence, you can surely think of having it as it's a nice, and compact center channel speaker. After reading this Sony sscs8 review, if you are convinced that this would suit your needs, then grab it. 


  • Sounds great
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Cheap price range
  • Compact size
  • Clear and bright highs

3. KEF Q650C - best center channel speaker for the money



  • 64-28KHz frequency response
  • 87 dB sensitivity
  • Damped single tweeter
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • CFD designed port
  • Strong cabinet design

If you are searching for a high-end center channel speaker under 500 with premium features, then the KEF Q650 will be a perfect option for you. This center channel speaker offers a great frequency response ranging from 64Hz-28KHz which makes it possible to cover all the frequencies with precision.

What is more exciting about this small center channel speaker is its strong and clean bass. Since it has a good build quality, the speakers doesn't distort the sound.

Talking about its specifications, you will get a sensitivity as high as 87dB with this center channel speaker that makes it possible to produce loud sounds with no distortions. The 8-ohm impedance of this TV central speaker also helps in making it even louder as compared to the 4-ohm center speakers.

Furthermore, the smooth treble is one more notable feature that lets you control the speaker according to your preferences.

You will get a small damped tweeter at the center of this small center channel speaker which is surrounded by two drivers that cover the mid and low range frequencies with great precision. As said earlier, you won't experience any distortions with this channel speaker, as the optimized cabinet reduces vibrations and useless resonance.

Moreover, you can also get this outer cabinet in three different color options. Ultimately, it's one of the best smallest center channel speakers which you should surely consider buying. However, this center channel speaker is on the pricey side, if you don't have enough budget, you can check out the next 5 center speaker options available.


  • Perfect sound production
  • Clean bass and Clear highs
  • Smooth treble
  • Can be paired with other speakers
  • Detailed sound




  • 1-inch dome tweeter
  • 4-inch drivers
  • 58Hz-28KHz frequency range
  • 85 dB sensitivity
  • Perfect mids

Finding the top center channel speaker with a budget of around $200 is not hard and with our help, it's a matter of one click for you. This Vega SL-45C center channel speaker has a lot to offer at an affordable price. First, we will start with its specifications.

This center channel speaker for dialogue by Cerwin has 5 drivers in total, out of which 4 are drivers covering the mids and lows and the remaining one is a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter for crisp clear highs.

Furthermore, the frequency range of 58Hz-28KHz is way more than enough to cover all the lows as well as highs with no problem. 

The Vega SL is too loud to be played in an apartment. The reason behind it is its high sensitivity of 85 dB, which is paired with a max input power of 150 watts, will surely irritate your neighbors.

Moreover, the good frequency response makes sure the sound doesn't distort even in high volumes. Another notable feature of this low profile center channel speaker  is its punchier and heavy bass. Thanks to its quality drivers.

This Cerwin central speaker will perform its best when paired with other surround speakers, as they all have the same power range. Hence, it's a better choice to go for other than the high-end options as the features are good and it would last for many years. Also, can be called the best center channel speaker for dialogue.


  • Crisp highs & punchier bass
  • Slim center channel speaker
  • Loud sound
  • Compact build
  • Inexpensive price
  • Clear vocals



  • 3-way center speaker
  • Accurate frequency response
  • 125 watt RMS
  • Aluminum dome tweeter
  • Tapered cabinet edges
  • Glass fiber midrange woofer

Coming up next is another popular speakers that is amongst the ideal choice for music and movie enthusiasts as the center surround speaker. The SVS ultra center speaker is something you should have for a premium home theater experience.

As it's a 3-way center speaker, it comes with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter for crisp and clear highs, a 4-inch glass fiber mid-range driver which covers all the mids precisely, and dual woofers of 6.5 inches for clear and audible low frequencies.

And that's how this ultra center speaker can reproduce accurate sounds. Furthermore, this high end center channel speaker is loud enough to fill large rooms with its sound, and that's because of its high sensitivity and a power input capacity of 125 RMS. 

The build of this best center channel speaker is the second most notable point to add. It's made out of high-end components and the cabinet is strong enough to not reverb or distort the sound. Moreover, the cabinet's front edges are tapered so it can lower edge diffraction. It's quite big and may not fit in the normal cabinet, so make sure to check its dimensions before purchasing.

Besides that, you will get a clear and punchy bass, which will certainly improve your movie experience. Hence, we would highly recommend this best budget center channel speaker for dialogue to someone with a good budget and a love for premium items.


  • High-end components
  • Big center channel speaker speaker with good sensitivity
  • Sounds amazing
  • Large bass
  • Clear dialogue delivery




  • 2-way speaker design
  • Strong magnetic grill
  • High-quality cabinet
  • Dual copper woofers
  • 1-inch aluminum tweeters
  • 400 watts power handling
  • 95 dB sensitivity

Searching for the center channel speakers for home theater? If yes, the Klipsch R-52C will be the best choice for you. This Klipsch center channel speaker is extremely compact so you can easily place it under your TV.

Also, it comes with a strong and sturdy cabinet that doesn't let the sound reverb and also minimizes sound distortions. And its strong magnetic grill over the woofers keeps the dust away.

Talking about its drivers, this Klipsch center channel speaker has a 2-way design which includes a 1-inch aluminum tweeter at the center with linear travel suspension for reproducing clean and crisp highs. And two of the 5.25-inch spun copper woofers have the ability to cover all the mids as well as highs with precision.

As its a central speaker, it has the Tractrix horn technology that directs the sound directly towards the listener sitting in front and nowhere else, thus minimizing reverb and sound bouncing.

Furthermore, you can enjoy a pretty good bass with this Klipsch center channel speaker, so if you are a party animal, this compact center channel speaker may help in pumping you up. Also, its sound is loud enough to fill your room due to its sensitivity of 95 dB, which is great as compared to other options.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Minimizes distortion
  • Quality build
  • Tractrix horn technology
  • Compact size



  • 2-way speaker design
  • Removable grille
  • 1-inch titanium tweeter
  • Copper cerametallic woofer
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Linear travel suspension
  • Robust input terminals

Not satisfied with the first cheap Klipsch center channel speaker or want a better one? Don't worry! Here we present before you the RP-600C. Coming from a brand like Klipsch, you can blindly trust it. However, it's better to read a review first.

So starting with its specifications, it has a 2-way speaker design including a 1-inch titanium tweeter which directs the sound towards the listener and doesn't distort it. Also, the vented tweeter design enhances the quality of sound and reproduces highs precisely. Furthermore, this ebony center channel speaker has 2 spun copper cerametallic woofers that are highly efficient and work to reproduce mids and lows of any sound. 

The strong cabinet is one more notable feature of this surround sound center speaker as it doesn't allow air inside and has a sturdy build that makes sure the sound doesn't distort. Also, the cabinet is scratch-resistant and available in two different options, so get one that suits your home theme.

To sum up, the sound quality is amazing as this speaker has everything, starting from the good frequency response, sensitivity, and powerful bass. Thus, it's worth your hard-earned money and you should go for it.


  • Strong build
  • Premium looks
  • Rich vocals
  • Easy installation
  • Great frequency response



  • 1-inch aluminum tweeter
  • Integrated subwoofer
  • 2 midrange drivers
  • Intelligent bass control
  • Resonance free cabinet
  • Transparent grille

Finally, the most expensive center channel speaker on the list by Definitive technology. This center channel speaker is what you should go for if you want a speaker with a lot of features.  

Talking about its sound quality, it's hypnotic. You cannot even think of any other speaker again. This center speaker for home theater mostly focuses on the heart-thumping bass, smooth treble, and crystal clear vocals.

You will get a 1-inch aluminum tweeter and 2 midrange drivers with this central speaker. However, what makes it unique is its inbuilt midrange subwoofer at the top, which makes it possible to provide deep bass and loud sound with great details, especially the dialogues are crystal clear. So we can also call it the ideal center channel speaker for dialogues.

The only downfall we can say of this home theater center speaker is its size, it's pretty big as compared to others and cannot fit sometimes. On the other hand, the design is minimalistic with no colorful woofers, so it's perfect for people who like it simple. Thus, we would highly recommend you to get this center channel speaker.


  • Crystal clear highs
  • High-performance drivers
  • Powerful and clean bass
  • Minimizes disturbances
  • Minimalistic design
  • Reproduces precise mids


In all these top center channel speakers, you might have found yourself confused. The choice is hard to make, as all of them are perfect. Therefore, we have provided a small yet important buyers guide that includes some of the critical factors you should consider while buying center channel speakers. 

  • Budget

Here, we have already provided all budget options. Thus, the choice is yours. Choose your central speaker wisely, and do not overspend for any speaker without looking at other options. 

  • Performance and Sound Quality

The speaker's sound quality and performance solely depend on its frequency range and its driver's capability to reproduce sounds precisely. Therefore, get one with a good frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz and good quality drivers made of polypropylene. 

  • Size and Style

This factor depends on your preference. However, make sure the center speaker can match your living room's colors and TV. Get one that looks aesthetically pleasing. The size depends on the room of your size, but you can go for speakers with woofers more than 3 inches for a rough figure. 

  • Power Requirement

The size of the speaker decides its power requirement. However, most of these speakers have a similar power requirement range of around 100 watts. Also, if you want a loud sound, go for higher power input. 

  • Sensitivity

The sensitivity decides the loudness of a speaker. Hence, go for a center channel speaker with higher sensitivity of 90 dB, paired with similar power input. 

  • Usage

Suppose you are a frequent user, the quality of the speaker matters the most. Check if a speaker has quality components and build. Moreover, the drivers should be of good quality to stay for long.


1. What are center channel speakers for?

Unlike other speakers, the center channel speakers are specially made for reproducing the dialogues and vocals from any video, and that's why they are placed in front.

2. Why should I install a center channel speaker?

If you are a movie or music enthusiast, you should install a center channel speaker to get a next level experience while watching movies or music videos as your surround speakers won't help in reproducing the dialogues and vocals with precision.

3. Difference between a center channel speaker and a soundbar?

A center channel speaker is essential yet a part of the home theater sound system that delivers mid-range sounds and dialogues. On the other hand, a soundbar has it all, you don't have to plug it into other speakers.


So now that we are at the end of this guide, we hope that you have found the best center channel speaker for yourself and you will buy it through our website. Also, as said earlier, you can trust us blindly as we do rigorous testings and a lot of research before listings the top 8 center channel speakers. We hope you got what you were looking for. Cheers!

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