Best Cymbals Sets To Bring Out Excellent Music

The blessing of living in the modern age is that the only problem we face is the "problem" of too many options. Traditionally, only a few handfuls of companies were making cymbals; you can call them the big four. However, times change, and now, there are many manufacturers that make cymbals, quality ones at that. With that said, we are back to square one; too many options. 

best cymbals

Cymbals aren't cheap, and you do not want one that doesn't sound good. Instead of going to the local music store, which I still suggest you do at least once, you can just pick out one of the products I mention down below as these are some of the best cymbals currently out there.

I have tried my best to include something for all sorts of people, from those on a budget and beginners to professionals with some cash on their hands. Without further adieu, let us begin the list. Here are the best cymbals that you can get for yourself right now:



Meinl Cymbals - best cymbals


  • Made from B10 bronze alloy (90% copper and 10% tin).
  • 14" Dark hi-hats.
  • 16" Dark Crash.
  • 20" Dark Ride.
  • 18" Dark Crash.

Meinl Percussions is a manufacturer of percussion instruments based in Gutenstetten, Germany, founded back in 1951 by Roland Meinl. The company, in terms of the production of cymbals, is one of the "big four" manufacturers of cymbals, along with Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste. They are responsible for making some of the best sounds and best looking IMO cymbals out there, and their Custom Dark Set Box Pack is an embodiment of that.

The Meinl Cymbal Set Custom Dark is finished with extra hammering, which adds a ton of complexity to its character by adding dryness and warmth to its intense attack and a special finishing process that gives this drum its very unique, shadowy tone. The finish on these is gorgeous; it looks so much different than any other cymbal and is a refreshing change.

The dark finishing is a part of the making process; it is ingrained into the cymbals' very core. It isn't painted or a special coating that will wear off with time. So, bang away, travel and carry these around how you would usually and their color will remain intact throughout their lifetime. 

The Meinl Cymbal Set is made from B10 bronze alloy, which is 90% copper and 10% tin. This is amazing as Bronze sounds much better than, say, another common material, Brass. It delivers a uniform sound with an intense punch and easily heard through the mix. The natural color of the Bronze highly complements the dark finishing on the cymbals and adds a certain flair to it. One of the best cymbals out there!


  • Extra deep hammering.
  • Lathe formed profile.
  • B10 bronze alloy (90% copper / 10% tin).
  • For power or fusion players.
  • Look absolutely breathtaking.


  • Expensive.


Sabian SBR - best cymbals


  • Made from Brass.
  • 14" Hi-Hats.
  • 16" Crash.
  • 20" Ride.
  • Free 10" Splash.

Sabian is part of the "big four" manufacturers of cymbals in the world. It is responsible, along with its other three brothers, for making almost half of the cymbals sold. Naturally so, the company is well-reputed and known amongst musicians.

Their cymbals are known for being premium quality and for their longevity. Beginners are just happy playing the drums and that is fantastic, but if you want to get the best possible sound, you have to get rid of those cheap cymbals you get with your first fit. This Sabian SBR Cymbal Set is the perfect replacement.

Made especially for beginners, this cymbal set holds the quality we associate with a brand like Sabian despite being allegedly their "budget set". It is certainly not very inexpensive, but they are fairly affordable. Constructed with a hammered and lathed surface, the sound you get is very nice. These cymbals are made of Brass, not Bronze. Bronze does sound better, but these are no slouch and definitely worth the upgrade.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Sabian is one of the top four companies in selling Cymbals..
  • Perfect for upgrading over standard cymbals.
  • High-grade hammering and lathing.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • The splash looks filmsy.


Zildjian A - best cymbals


  • 14" A Custom HiHats.
  • 16" A Custom Crash.
  • 18" A Custom Crash.
  • 20" A Custom Medium Ride.
  • Made from B20 Bronze.

Zildjian, named after its founder and formally known as Avedis Zildjian Company, started out as an Armenian-American musical instrument manufacturer, which was founded in Constantinople by Avedis Zildjian in 1623 and is now based in Norwell, Massachusetts.

The company is part of the "top four" and actually tops that list and is the largest cymbal and drumstick maker in the world. Admittedly, their products do tend to run a bit expensive, but their top-grade quality and sound make them seem like a bargain. Today, we are talking about their A Custom Cymbal Pack.

The A Custom Cymbal Pack is a best-seller, a title it rightly earned thanks to its sweet, smooth, and much glassier sound. These cymbals can be used for an array of playing styles, from mellow to going all out; it is capable of doing all of it.

The A-series has been modernized for Custom Cymbal pack with lighter weights for a good amount of giving when struck, unique tonal grooves and lower profiles. These cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques and have an excellent finish that looks really smooth and clean. Definitely recommended, provided you got some money to spare!


  • A Classic remastered.
  • Bright and crisp sound.
  • Expensive but definitely worth the money.
  • One of the best and most consistent manufacturers.


  • Expensive.


Paiste PST 8 - best cymbals


  • Made of CuSn8 Bronze.
  • 14" Reflector Rock hi-hats.
  • 20" Reflector Rock ride.
  • 18" Reflector Rock crash.
  • 16" Crash for free.

Paiste is a Swiss musical instrument manufacturing company that is part of the top 4 and is the world's third-largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion. Rock and Metal fans, get your attention here. If you want a cymbal set that is priced in the mid-range but offers quality and attributes of a set way above in terms of pricing,

The Paiste PST 8 Rock cymbal set is the way to go. The cymbal is made from CuSn8 Bronze. This CuSn8 Bronze is Paiste's own blend of B8 and is also known as 2002 bronze, named after Paiste's legendary range.

This is a rock cymbal set and they tend to be a bit on the heavier side. Available with two weights, medium and rock, along with a larger bell. These have been under a hammer a couple of more times and so, naturally, tend to have a flatter profile. Not much, though, only slightly. The presence of this set is amazing!

The sound is brilliant yet loud. It is assertive and attracts attention. The meaty tone is perfect for those that often play live and go with genres like rock, hard rock, and metal.


  • Free 16" crash.
  • Premium quality.
  • Brawny tone.
  • A number of options for size and type.
  • Assertive sound.


  • Not much.


Meinl Cymbals Super Set - best cymbals


  • Made of Brass alloy.
  • 14" hi-hats (top and bottom).
  • 20" ride.
  • 16" crash.
  • 18" crash.
  • 16" china.
  • 10" splash.

The Menil Cymbal super set box pack contains a full range of types and sizes of cymbals, namely 14" hi-hats (top and bottom), a 20" ride, 16" crash, 18" crash, 16" china, and a 10" splash. You get everything from something for serious sounds to effects.

It includes a number of cymbal types, from trash crashes and splashes to bells and chinas, some only found on top of the shelf, professional sets. This HCS set is made from Brass, indicating these are for beginners and students. Meinl knows that they targetted this at that group by making these sound suitable for all genres as well as be priced at an affordable price point.

The HCS cymbals are beautifully made and look absolutely gorgeous. The Brass is durable enough to easily withstand a newbie just banging on like crazy with ease. The sound it produces is balanced, sustains and very clear.

These are created in Meinl's state-of-the-art facility in Germany, so quality is to be expected. If you are a student or a beginner, I will urge you to give these a try and see if they work for you. I was honestly surprised by how good they sounded, but I recommend you come to that conclusion yourself too.


  • Very high-quality considering they are for beginners.
  • Looks really nice.
  • Modern sound that fits most playing styles.
  • Perfect addition to a newbies kit.


  • For beginners.


Zildjian Planet Z


  • Made of Brass.
  • Standard Size.
  • 14" Planet Z HiHat Pair.
  • 16" Planet Z Crash.
  • 20" Planet Z Ride.

At this point, I do not feel like there is a need to introduce Zildjian. I had given them a formal introduction above, so just check that out. Let us hope to review the Planet Z Cymbal Pack. This kit includes a standard-sized 14" Planet Z HiHat Pair, 16" Planet Z Crash and 20" Planet Z Ride.

This cymbal pack is perfect for those that want to play an array of musical genres; these are ready to tackle all kinds of playing methods. These cymbals are bright and cutting and produce a focused and solid tone. Just like other Zildjian cymbals, the Plant Z Complete Cymbal pack is also made in the USA. These cymbals are crafted with Brass.

Brass does not sound as good as Bronze, but these are beginner-level cymbals and using Bronze would raise the prising as well and in my opinion, the very affordable price at which these are offered is one of its biggest selling points. If you are a newbie, I cannot recommend these enough!


  • Updated hammering and lathing pattern.
  • Better sound and look.
  • Bright and focused sound.
  • Great for beginners.


  • For newbies, not for professionals.


Sabian HHX


  • Made from Bronze.
  • 14" hi-hats.
  • 16" crash.
  • 18" O-Zone effects crash.
  • 20" ride.

Let us talk about going all out and getting one of the best cymbals sets out there; the Sabian HHX Evolution promotional cymbal set. Investing so much money can be a and should be a difficult decision, but when you know that Sabian is one of the big four manufacturers of cymbals, along with Zildjian, Meinl and Paiste, it starts to seem worth it and when you get your hands on these, all doubts are erased.

The Sabian HHX Evolution is made from Bronze, as one would expect at this price and deliver an intense punch and a clear tone. These dark cymbals provide a, well, a modern dark sound that is perfect for many different styles of playing. These dark symbols boast a combination of high-profile shape, a large raw bell and jumbo-sized hammering.

The dark and complex sound of the HHX is modified to suit the modern drummer and allows them to play almost any genre and style on these. This set includes 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash, an 18" O-Zone effects crash, and a 20" ride. Honestly, the HHX Evolution dark cymbal set is cut out for everything and if money isn't an issue here, you will be blown away by it.


  • Dark cymbals cut out for all kinds of playing styles.
  • High-quality, professional-grade.
  • Awesome sound, clear bright and packs a punch.
  • For the professionals out there.


  • Expensive.


Zildjian I


  • Made from Bronze (B8) Alloy.
  • 20" I Ride.
  • 18" I Crash.
  • 14" I HiH16" I Crash-hat Pair.
  • 14" I HiHat Pair.

Again, Zildjian makes an appearance. I ain't complaining though, they make the best of cymbals and are yet to disappoint me. Fun fact: they take their name from the Turkish word, Ilham, for inspiration. The Zildjian I Family Pro Gig Cymbal Pack keeps up the track record by providing us with top-of-the-shelf quality cymbals. This pack includes 20" I Ride, 18" I Crash, 14" I HiH16" I Crash-hat Pair and 14" I HiHat Pair.

Replacing the now discontinued ZBT series, I Family features a much modern profile, fresh FX sounds and modern weights. Despite the very reasonable price, the cymbals are crafted with B8 alloy, Bronze. I expected Brass, but am pleasantly surprised to see Bronze here.

Bronze is much easier to clean and provides much better sound and clarity. I would suggest these to everyone that comes under the category of beginners to regulars.


  • Made from B8 alloy.
  • Clear and crisp sound.
  • Suitable for most players.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not much.


That ends our list of the best cymbals out there. Needless to say, there are many more out there, but these are the ones that I found are the best. I included a number of different cymbals, something for those that want to play rock and metal as well as for a broader playing style, along with taking into consideration the different budgets people may have. I hope this article helped and thank you for reading!

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