Best Halloween Music CD’s

Halloween music always leaves room for the imagination – the creaking doors, unexplained rustling noises, curdling screams and apprehensive staccato rhythm with gothic sounding synthesizers.

For all of you Halloween fans, we’ve listed the best Halloween Music CDs (a compilation of music albums and movie soundtracks), as rated by AOL Radio listeners.

You can also listen to Halloween themed music on our Halloween station; just don’t listen to it alone. At home. In the dark…

10) Various Artists: ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ Soundtrack

Did You Know? The Soundtrack includes a compilation of artists: The Ramones, Lionel Richie, and Scott Humphrey as well as work by the film director — Rob Zombie. The featured Zombie-written song (also fittingly named ‘House of 1000 Corpses’) is played in the opening credits of the movie. Originally featured on Zombie’s second solo album ‘The Sinister Urge,’ this song is paired with a bonus track on the soundtrack called ‘Unholy Three.’

9) Various Artists: ‘Horror Movie Madness’

Did You Know? Released in 1995, The two-disc CD features covers from well-known horror movie themes and a bonus disc titled ‘Music of The Vampires’ (written by Matt Fink). A highlight on the disc is the cover from ‘The Exorcist’ called ‘Tubular Bells.’ Click on the video below for the original themed version.

8) Midnight Syndicate: ‘Born of the Night’

Did You Know? A precursor to ‘Realm of Shadows’ (also on this list), ‘Born of the Night’ showcases rich, gothic orchestrations and horrific sound-effects with collaborations by Gavin Goszka and Joseph Vargo (who also directed and produced this album). The album tells of a musical journey through a haunted castle; The introduction of the song ‘Haunted Nursery’ begins with the audio of a faint crying baby, followed by a synthesized, disturbing, lullaby rhyme.

7) Various Artists: ‘Saw’ Soundtrack

Did You Know? Most of the songs are composed by ex-Nine Inch Nails band member Charlie Clouser, as well as Page Hamilton, Danny Lohner, and Chas Smith. The featured song, ‘Zepp Overture,’ was composed by Clouser and appears at the very end of the film.

6) Mannheim Steamroller: ‘Halloween’

Did You Know? Primarily known for their modern Christmas recordings, Mannheim Steamroller has also done several Halloween albums. For their first Halloween album — simply titled ‘Halloween’ — features ‘Toccata in de Mole,’ which is a rendition of Bach’s ‘Toccata & Fugue in D minor.’

5) Rob Zombie: ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’

Did You Know? The music video for “Living Dead Girl” was based on the 1920 silent German-Impressionist film, ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.’ Check out the music video below — with Rob Zombie as the lead role — which tells the story of Dr. Caligari and the sleepwalking Cesare who is accused of the murders in a small German town.

4) Midnight Syndicate: ‘Realm of Shadows’

Did You Know? ‘Realm of Shadows’ was Midnight Syndicate’s third studio album. This album — along with their precursor ‘Born of the Night’ — were both featured soundtracks for Universal Studios’ ‘Halloween Horror Nights.’ Be sure to listen to their track, ‘Soliloquy’ below.

3) Midnight Syndicate: ‘Vampyre’

Did You Know? Keith Parkinson, a fantasy artist, and illustrator known for his game artwork designed the packaging for this album, released in 2002.

2) Danny Elfman: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Soundtrack

Did You Know? Composed by Danny Elfman, the soundtrack peaked at No. 98 on the Billboard 200 and was up for Best Original Score for the 1993 Golden Globe nominations. “This Is Halloween’ was also covered by Marilyn Manson for the re-release of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Soundtrack in 2006.

1) John Carpenter: ‘Halloween (20th Anniversary Edition)’

Did You Know? Director John Carpenter decided to compose the music album himself for the horror classic to save a few bucks.

Throughout the album, you can hear some of the staccato rhythmic devices from ‘The Exorcist’ score ‘Tubular Bells,’ overlapped with synth chords as well as Carpenter’s inspiration from the ’70s Italian progressive rock band, Goblin.

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