Best In Wall Speakers For Home Theater

A home theater system will never get complete without the best in wall speakers, even if you have the center channel, ceiling, and standing speakers. That’s because in wall speakers provide an enhanced stereo effect while they widely disperse the sound all over the room.

Best In Wall Speakers

If you want to have the best home theater system, undoubtedly, you will need the best in-wall speakers of all. However, it’s quite hard and risky to buy something this expensive by yourself. 

But don’t worry! We have got you all covered. In this guide, you will find detailed reviews of the top 6 best in wall speakers of 2022. Also, we have included FAQs and a small yet detailed buying guide at the end that might be of your use if you do not know of speakers.



Micca M-8S - best in wall speakers


  • 2-way speaker design
  • 1-inch dome tweeter
  • 8-inch poly woofer
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • 40Hz-20KHz frequency response
  • 100 watts power handling
  • Robust bass output

Voted as one of the best in-wall speakers of 2022, the Micca M-8S speaker pair lies number one on our list. This in-wall home theater speaker pair has a 2-way design, including an impactful 8-inch poly woofer which is hard and reproduces mids and lows with precision. And a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter provides crystal clear highs with no distortion.

As we all know, Micca has its signature sound, and that’s what you will get here, paired with a powerful and punchier bass.

Also, what makes this pair of in-wall speakers special is its ability to reproduce sound loudly, and that’s only because of its 90 dB sensitivity. Similarly, you will get a great frequency response ranging from 40Hz-20KHz, which is more than enough to cover all the lows, mids as well as highs accurately.

Even if it has a 2-way design, do not think that it cannot reproduce mid-range frequencies properly. The advanced crossover design makes sure these best wall speakers can easily transition between sounds.

Looks-wise, they are pretty good and premium. They can easily blend with your home furniture and any color combination.

Moreover, they are easy to install as they come with a template that will help you in cutting the mounting holes. And can fit in your wall space easily as they have common dimensions.

And the best part is, you will get all this at a mere price under $50, so why wait, buy these best in-wall home theater speakers today.


  • Great looks
  • Sounds amazing
  • Quality build
  • Cheap in wall speakers
  • Easy to install


Polk Audio RC85i - best in wall speakers


  • 2-way speaker design
  • Dynamic balance woofer
  • 1-inch powerful tweeter
  • Streamlined design
  • Protective grills
  • Rubber seal drivers

Searching for the best high-end in-wall speakers? If yes, you are at the right place, and the Polk Audio RC85i is something you should take a look at. This pair of best on-wall speakers has the perfect bass and loud noise you will need for a memorable indoor party night.

This 2-way in-wall speaker pair comes with a dynamically balanced mineral-filled woofer which makes sure the sound is widely dispersed, unlike center channel speakers.

Furthermore, you will find a small 1-inch powerful tweeter for crisp and clear high-frequency sounds and vocals. The streamlined design is another notable feature that makes this 8-inch in-wall speaker stand out, as it doesn’t distort the sound and helps in sound clarity.

Coming from a brand like Polk, these high end in wall speakers have an outstanding build quality which in turn enhances the sound quality. 

Talking more about its build, it has a strong cabinet enclosed with a rubber seal, so it won’t have any moisture buildup inside. Also, it has a minimalistic design which can easily disappear as these in-wall speakers are enclosed in paintable grills.

The woofers of these in-wall front speakers are stiff and don’t distort the sound at all. On top of that, they are extremely lightweight, so mounting them on a wall won’t be a hard task.

These in-wall speakers will require only 3 easy installation steps, which take only minutes, and you can easily follow them using its helpful user manual. To sum up, it’s the best in wall surround speaker pair worth each penny you will spend on it.


  • Only 3 installation steps
  • Lightweight 
  • Clear and crisp highs
  • Good bass response
  • Strong cabinet
  • Minimalistic design


Monoprice - best in wall speakers


  • 3-way speaker design
  • Titanium silk dome tweeters
  • Kevlar fiber cone woofers
  • Adjustable crossover switch
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • 200-watt max power handling
  • Oversized magnets

Ever thought about 3-way in-wall speakers at a mere price of $100? Me neither, but this Monoprice 3 way in-wall speakers do exist and can make dreams come true.

This 8-inch in-wall speaker pair consists of a titanium silk dome tweeter and two Kevlar fiber cone woofers, out of which one is a midrange driver.

Many Monoprice in wall speakers’ reviews say they are pretty good at reproducing all frequencies ranging from 33Hz-23KHz. On top of that, it gives you crystal clear vocals and that too, without any distortions. The bass production is great and clear as all-time stiff Kevlar woofers.

Furthermore, the sensitivity of these best in-wall speakers for home theaters has a quite high sensitivity of 88 dB, which is paired with an RMS power of 150 watts, so even if they are loud, they will last longer.

Also, you can add an amplifier to it with a range of around 8 ohms. You don’t have to worry about these best on-wall speakers not fitting in your wall space as they come in different sizes ranging from 5.25-10 inches.

Like many other best in-wall speakers of 2022, they come with a protective grill so no dust can enter them. However, the best part is it has minimal branding, which makes them unnoticeable to others.

Monoprice is so confident over the quality of these best in-wall speakers that they are providing a 30-day money-back guarantee of it so you can even try them without worrying about any refund.

Lastly, even if something happens, it will be covered in its 1-year warranty. Hence, we would highly recommend you to get this pair of the best budget in-wall speakers.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Best budget in wall speakers
  • Budget price range
  • Good in wall speakers
  • Easy to install


Klipsch R-5502-W - best in wall speakers


  • 2-way speaker system
  • 1-inch titanium tweeter
  • Cerametallic cone woofer
  • Horn-loaded technology
  • 300-watt output
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Lightweight build

Finally, here comes a single high-end in-wall speaker by a renowned brand Klipsch. This R-5502 is truly amazing when it comes to its sound quality. It can easily reproduce crisp highs and clear vocals without any distortions. Behind this top-quality sound, there is good build quality and engineering, so let’s discuss it.

Firstly, it’s a 2-way speaker system and does not assume that it cannot reproduce the mid-range sounds. The 1-inch titanium tweeter at the center and two 5.25 inch cera metallic cone woofers make sure none of the frequencies are left behind and provide you with undistorted and crystal clear sound.

These 3 drivers of this Klipsch in wall speaker have a good cross-connection, making it possible to reproduce mids with precision.

The horn-loaded technology of this top in-wall speaker makes it so special as it has the ability to produce louder sounds as compared to other speakers. Also, these horn speakers widely disperse the sound so it can fill your sound, and it also helps in reducing distortions.

However, the price is quite high, but it’s worth the sound quality you will get. You can easily mount these best built-in speakers on your walls or in-wall, vertically or horizontally, as they are easy to install and can be lifted easily.

Additionally, it has low profile magnetic grille over it, making it disappear on your walls, and you can even color them as you want. Ultimately, this best in-wall home theater speaker is what you will surely need for a great home theater experience.


  • Easy to mount
  • Reduces distortion
  • Rich lows
  • Crisp highs
  • Budget-friendly price


Yamaha NS-IW660


  • 3-way speaker system
  • Kevlar cone woofer
  • Aluminum midrange driver
  • Titanium dome tweeter
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • 150-watt power
  • 88dB sensitivity

Having a price range of around $250, this pair of Yamaha NS-IW660 3-way in-wall speakers is the best budget in-wall speaker system. It comes with a powerful kevlar cone woofer of a diameter of 6.5 inches for an undistorted sound with rich bass. Similarly, the titanium dome tweeter of 1 inch at the top makes sure you can enjoy clear highs and vocals.

As it’s a 3-way in-wall speaker, it has an aluminum midrange driver that enhances the mids to some extent. Moreover, the sensitivity of 88 dB makes sure these best on-wall speakers are very loud. These Yamaha best wall speakers minimize distortions because of their customized crossover connection.

Furthermore, this pair of high-end in-wall speakers are easy to install as they include a cutout template and are lightweight. Moreover, they are available in different sizes. Also, they won’t look obvious in your room because of their protective grills, which you can paint too.

The best part about these in-wall speakers for music is their 2 years warranty so you can purchase them without worrying about your money. Therefore, you can think of buying this pair of best in-wall home theater speakers if you have a good budget of around $250.


  • High-quality material
  • Powerful bass
  • Rich vocals
  • Two-year warranty
  • Lightweight build


BIC America HT8W


  • 3-way speaker design
  • Titanium dome tweeter
  • Poly mid-range woofer
  • 8-inch graphite woofer
  • 38hz-25khz frequency response
  • 375-watt peak
  • 8-ohm impedance

Finally, here we are, at last yet one of the best 3 way in-wall speakers by BIC America. This HT8W 8-inch in-wall speaker has a small 1-inch titanium dome tweeter that covers all the vocals and high frequencies, a poly mid-range woofer of 2.5 inches, and an 8-inch graphite woofer.

And the best part is, you can control the volume of each of these drivers independently. Furthermore, they are highly precise in reproducing sounds with no distortions. You will get a frequency response of 38Hz-25KHz, so the highs are rich as compared to many other speakers.

The price range of this in-wall speaker system is cheap, and anyone with a good budget under $200 can afford it. Talking about its build quality, the cabinet is quite sturdy and made out of strong material, so it won’t reverb or distort the sound because of vibrations.

These best wall speakers also come with metal mounting brackets, which will make it easier for you to install them. Hence, we would highly recommend you to get these best in-wall home theater speakers if you are music as well as a movie enthusiast.


  • Magnetic shield
  • Strong build
  • Includes metal mounting brackets
  • Looks great
  • Cheap price range


Now that you have read (hopefully) the reviews of the top in wall speakers. As said earlier, here is a small buyer’s guide which explains some of the most important factors you should consider while buying in-wall home theater speakers.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the most important factor to look for as that’s what a speaker does. You can get a good sound quality speakers that include good quality components, good sensitivity, quality drivers, and much more.

Number of Drivers

You can get the best on-wall speakers with 2, 3, or even 4 drivers. We would recommend you to go for speakers with more number of drivers as they can cover all frequencies and that too with minute details.


Most of the in-wall speakers are pretty easy to install unless they are bigger in size, so please check for the dimensions before buying them. You can find an in-wall speaker with a template that will help you in the installation.

Grille Design

If you want a minimalistic design to make your in-wall speaker system disappear, there are many options. However, there are many other design options to choose from, such as circles, squares. You can even custom make them.

Build Quality

Check for the cabinet quality before going for any in-wall speaker for home theater, as it matters a lot if you don’t want a distorted and reverbed sound.

Weather Resistance

The drivers and the cabinet of any in-wall speaker should be totally sealed, or the moisture from walls or surroundings can enter it, and your speakers may stop working due to it. Most of the speakers come with a butyl rubber seal, which works great for preventing moisture buildup.


It is recommended to get all home theater speakers of the same brand as they are compatible with each other. However, check for the impedance, power input, and output while buying one.


1. What are the benefits of in-wall speakers?

Other than being an upgrade to an existing home theater system, in-wall speakers have many advantages, including enhancing one’s movie and music experience by widely dispersing the sound and filling the room. 

2. How many speakers do I need in a room?

The number and size of speakers directly depend on your room size. However, if you have a smaller room, you can install 5 speakers. On the other hand, you will require more than 7 speakers. 

3. Do I need special wires?

Absolutely yes, you will require special thick wires of around 12 gauge for connecting these speakers to the main plug.


Now that we are at the end of this article on the top 6 best in-wall speakers of 2022, we truly hope that you have found the best in-wall speaker for you and bought it through our website. You can trust us wholeheartedly as we have tested these best in-wall home theater speakers and done a lot of research.

Lastly, it’s hard to find the best product on your own, so we have already done it on your behalf. Hence, check out our other such guides for more detailed reviews. 

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