Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar For Any Budget

There are many types of guitars out there. For the most part, people think there is acoustic and electric guitar are the most popular. Well, those are certainly 2 main categories, but there are several sub-divisions as well. Today, I will be talking about the best thin body acoustic guitar, a subdivision of the traditional Acoustic.

Acoustic guitars usually have large bodies. If you go for electric guitars, you can find even more thin bodies and lightweight guitars. These lightweight electric guitars are mostly preferred for long-term stage performance.

Acoustic guitars also have thin bodies, which I am going to list out in this article.

best thin body acoustic guitar

So, without further delay, here are the best thin body acoustic guitars that I found that you can buy on online.



 Donner DAG-1C - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • Full-size 41-inch cutaway dreadnought body.
  • Materials used: Mahogany, Ebony, Spruce.
  • 20 Brass Frets.
  • Metal tuning pegs.
  • Medium and light gauge bronze strings preinstalled.

If you decide to start learning guitar for your initial step, DONNER DAG-1C is highly recommended. It is very famous for its great sound and quality. This guitar comes with an extra tuner, strings, strap, microfiber cloth, soft case, picks, capo, and pickguard. With all these accessories, it acts as the best thin acoustic guitar.

It features a spruce top with scalloped bracing in the back, and the sides of this guitar are made using mahogany wood. The tuning pegs of this guitar are made with metal and covered in chrome, which gives it a classy look and makes sure that the tuning stays in place.

Out of the box, this best thin body acoustic guitar comes with medium gauge bronze strings for the bottom strings and light gauge strings for the top strings. This helps beginners quickly play notes, but you always should change strings after purchasing your guitar, but you can use these in the starting days or 1-3 months if they feel right to you.

The guitar has markings on the standard frets. You get several useful goodies like a bag, tuner, capo, picks, and more with the guitar. Overall, I think this guitar is perfect for beginners and easily one of the best small body acoustic guitar for newbies out there.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • The sound is bright.
  • Comes with a number of useful items.
  • High-quality materials.


  • Nothing much.


 Jasmine S34C - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • Spruce top with Jasmine Advanced "X" Bracing.
  • 25 1/2" scale length.
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
  • Natural finish.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Conveniently placed strap button.

The Jasmine S-34C is a beautiful grand orchestra-style dreadnought guitar that looks exactly what someone would picture when you ask them to think of an acoustic guitar. This cutaway-style guitar is made using multiple kinds of wood.

The fretboard and frontal body are Rosewood, Nato's back and sides, while the top and neck are made of Spruce and Mahagony, respectively. It has a natural gloss finish with laminated spruce up top. This thinline acoustic guitar is full size and the neck is slim, making it easy to play, meaning it is an excellent choice for beginners.

Thanks to its excellent wood combination and bracing, it sounds amazing; even proficient players would enjoy this guitar. The smooth satin finish maximizes resonance and also makes it look outstanding. The strap buttons are also placed conveniently, and I am glad they included both of them and not just one.

If you look inside the guitar, a series of sculpted wood pieces are attached to the underside of the instrument's top. That is where the bracing is, and here you will find Jasmine's Advanced "X" Bracing.

This is a downright fantastic guitar, and I would not hesitate while recommending it to anyone. I wish they included some free goodies, but that is not a big deal. But surely, you need a premium gig bag to keep this guitar safe.


  • Value for money.
  • A guitar for all levels of playing.
  • A low neck profile makes it easier to play.
  • Both strap buttons available.


  • No free goodies.


 Fender FA-115 - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • Body Shape: Dreadnought.
  • Materials used: Spruce, Mahogany, Nato, Hardwood.
  • 1-Ply Black pickguard.
  • Number of frets: 20.
  • Scale Length: 25.3 Inches.
  • Full Body Design.

Fender needs no introduction. Suppose you know even a little about guitars if you have heard of them. The fame they have achieved is well deserved. The Fender FA-115 dreadnought sunburst guitar is the perfect guitar for beginners out there.

First of all, you get many useful accessories like a clip-on tuner, a gig bag, a strap, picks, and more. Secondly, the guitar itself is amazing.

This small body guitar features a dreadnought-style body that balanced tone and superior low-end projection. It is tougher to rich the higher notes on this style, but it is excellent for rhythm and fingerstyle.

The Mahagony body, Nato neck, and Spruce top make this guitar sound deep and provide it with the sturdiness it needs to handle anything from fast picking.

The Fender FA-115 is finished in a gloss with a black scratch guard to protect it. The tuning begs covered in chrome, and the fingerboard or fretboard is made with laminated hardwood. I own a Fender guitar, and they do not disappoint.

If you are soloing on your acoustic guitar, seeing how good it sounds, and the included accessories, it is a bang for the buck for beginners.


  • Full-body design offers fantastic sound.
  • The bundle offers a number of needed goodies.
  • Looks better than a beginner guitar.


  • Not much.


 Vangoa - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • 41-inch full-size dreadnought.
  • Built-in preamp with 4 Band EQ.
  • Cutaway design.
  • Consists of Bass, Okoume and scientific wood.
  • Number of frets: 20.

The Vangoa full-size dreadnought guitar is an awesome deal! Most electro-acoustic guitars at this price point sound or feel very cheap but this is really surprised me.

An electro-acoustic guitar is basically a regular acoustic guitar but you can connect it with an amplifier. Which can often come in handy, especially if you plan on eventually playing in front of others.

This thinline guitar is constructed with premium tonewoods body and bone nut & saddle. Its high density and hardness give it a nice resonance and sustain which is further enhanced by the larger soundhole due to it being a dreadnought.

The built-in preamp has 4 band EQ which lets you alter the sound which, to a certain, eliminates the problems of having a cutaway design. I personally prefer the cutaway design as I do prefer soloing every now and then. This guitar chrome-plated closed style 18:1 gears that feel nice and durable.

You get a truss road in order for you to adjust the height of the strings according to your preference. You are going to need it so keep it and learn how to use it. The Vangoa electro-acoustic guitar offers multiple free accessories along with 1 year of warranty. Honestly, at this price, I was not expecting a decent electro-acoustic guitar but I am pleasantly surprised by this one.


  • Cool matt finish.
  • Number of free items.
  • Built-in preamp.
  • 4 Band EQ.


  • Corners have been cut.


 Ashthorpe  - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • Full-size (41") dreadnought guitar.
  • Built-in Preamp.
  • Made of Spruce and Basswood (composite).
  • Cutaway design.
  • Complete bundle.

The Ashthorpe electro-acoustic guitar bundle is ideal for beginners and people that just want to get their hands on a guitar with a preamp at a cost that won’t hurt the pocket. This thin body acoustic electric guitar is a fine hardwood construction, made from X-braced, A-grade spruce wood which is standard thanks to its resilience and basswood for warmth.

The finish of this guitar is quite impressive, a shiny matt tan color with chrome tuning pegs. It has a cut-away design, which makes it easier to access the higher frets.

The main attraction of this guitar is definitely the inbuilt preamp with 4 band EQ (bass, midrange, treble, and presence). You can adjust the sound however you want, depending upon what style you are playing. This is a bundle so you get a host of accessories like a pair of extra bronze strings, a strap that is too small for adults, picks, a cable, and a bag. 

This guitar by no means is the best thin body acoustic guitar but at this price, complaining about its performance is tough and I would actually consider it to worth more than its cost.


  • Attractive, glossy and matt finish.
  • 4 band EQ.
  • Cutaway design for easier playing.
  • Bunch of useful accessories.


  • Strings quality can be better.


 Oscar Schmidt - best thin body acoustic guitar


  • Top, Back, Neck Material: Poplar Wood.
  • Body Material: Spruce Wood.
  • Fretboard Material: Technical Wood.
  • 3/4 size, dreadnought guitar.
  • Fully adjustable truss rod.
  • Steel strings.

The Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS 3/4 size dreadnought guitar is the first smaller guitar on this list. Guitars that are 3/4 in size are not only great for kids but also adults that often travel with their equipment. I always carry a 3/4 guitar in the back of my car because it is easy to carry and due to its affordable cost, I wouldn’t hate myself if it gets damaged.

This Oscar Schmidt guitar is made of Poplar, Spruce and engineered wood and has a high gloss finish with chrome painted tuning pegs, quite an eye-catcher. This guitar has a decent sound for the price. It does not have a cut-away design but that shouldn’t be an issue if you mostly stick to playing rhythm.

This guitar comes in multiple colors. Many people have complained about the strings being too high or the fret buzzing but all of that can be fixed using the truss rod. Overall, there isn’t much to say here, if you are a beginner, petite adult or a traveling musician, I think you will be more than happy with this guitar.


  • Ideal for traveling musicians.
  • Fully adjustable truss rod.
  • Great for kids and smaller adults.


  • Not for professionals.                  


 Cordoba C5-CET


  • Top Material: Cedar Wood.
  • Body, Back and Neck Material: Mahogany Wood.
  • Fishman Isys+ pickup.
  • 50mm nut width.
  • Thin body, cutaway design.
  • Electro-classical guitar.

Cordoba was established back in 1997 and since then, they have made quite a name for themselves especially in the classical guitar market. The Cordoba C5 is a cut-away, thin body, electro-classical guitar which is quite a combination.

Spanish or Classical guitars are known to be a bit broader and bulky but this nylon string has a thin body making it much easier to play. It is made of Canadian cedar top with mahogany back and sides along with Rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

The guitar comes equipped with Fishman Isys+ pickup which is excellent. Its thin body makes it much easier to hold and the thinner fretboard makes it easier for your fingers to reach. It also has a truss rod built into its neck to adjust the tension.

I would not recommend this to outright beginners, meaning this shouldn’t be your first guitar. However, for those wanting to give a classical guitar a shot, I think this guitar is perfect.


  • Feels really good.
  • Value for money.
  • Classical guitars are quite underrated.
  • Fishman pickup.


  • Not for beginners.


 Yamaha FSX820C


  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • Under-saddle piezo pickup.
  • Thin body, concert style, cutaway design.
  • Adjustable truss Rodd.

The Yamaha FSX820C is known for being an awesome pick for guitarists, especially for fingerstyle, which is a good indication that it provides a melodic and resonating tone. Now, take all that goodness and compress it, we get the small body version. The goodness of the full-sized version in a tinier body.

The guitar is made of Mahogany at the back and sides with spruce on top and rosewood fretboard with die-cast tuners. The System 66 features an under-saddle piezo pickup that has a 3 band EQ. The concert-style with cutaway design and small body makes it one of the best sounding and easiest to play the guitar out there.


  • Amazing sound.
  • System 66.
  • Value for money.
  • Perfect design for smaller hands.


  • Expensive.




  • Electro-classical guitar.
  • Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez AEQ210T preamp.
  • Smaller than average body.
  • Spruce-topped mahogany
  • Mahogany back and sides

The Ibanez GA35TCEDVS is their take at an affordable, electro-classical guitar and they nailed it in the head. My bandmate had this guitar and I loved playing it. Unlike traditional classical, this guitar was much small and thinner, making it more comfortable and it also came with fret indicators which is a great help when you are just starting out while playing.

This guitar is built using the standard spruce on top with mahogany at the back and side. The onboard Fishman Sonicore pickup along with Ibanez AEQ210T preamp provides the player with amazing sound! It is the perfect guitar for people with smaller hands that wish to play classical but also perfectly suited for every other kind of player.


  • Fret markings.
  • Onboard tuner.
  • Comfortable to hold and play.
  • Value for money.


  • Suited only for smaller venues.


Sawtooth Mahogany


  • Solid Mahogany Top. 
  • Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard.
  • Mahogany Neck, Sides, & Back
  • Fishman, Presys, II, 2, preamp, tuner.
  • Parlour size, cutaway design.
  • Bundle includes a padded gig bag and pick sampler.

The Sawtooth Mahogany series electro-acoustic guitar is an absolutely beautiful guitar! This is a parlous size guitar, making it great for traveling and for those that prefer a smaller body. The guitar is entirely mahogany with the exception of the Ovangkol fretboard and bridge.

The fretboards have custom Sawtooth inlays, which combined with the dark brown pickguard, chrome tune pegs and black neck makes this guitar absolutely gorgeous to look at. It comes equipped with Fishman EQ 1SYS301 Preamp which has an inbuilt tuner 3 band EQ and volume control. This is a bundle, so you get a hard-care bag and a pick sampler. This guitar is an absolute bank for the buck!


  • Gorgeous looking, satin finish.
  • Fishman pickups always perform well.
  • Beautiful sound and comfortable to play.


  • Not much.

What is Thin Body Acoustic Guitar?

Thin body acoustic guitars are mostly suitable for people who are stepping into the music world as beginners. It doesn’t mean it is only for beginners. If professionalists are comfortable, then they also opt for Thin Body Acoustic Guitar.

This guitar has a slim body, less bulky body shape, lighter weight, and narrow neck. These qualities make the guitar most comfortable and playable. Nowadays, it is really famous among musicians. From beginners to experienced musicians are loving its design and use case. I am damn sure no one can hate Thin Body Acoustic Guitar, which offers more comfort than other guitar types.

Keep in mind, size of the guitar never represents the sound. Because thin body guitar produces high-end sound and tone. I think by now you got some idea on what kind of guitar should you buy. Before that, you should check our buying guide, where we explain the factors to consider before buying one.

Choosing The Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

There are several thin-body acoustic guitars available in the market. When you are choosing the one, you need to consider some of the factors. Let’s look into those points.


When you are choosing any guitar, you need to consider its body size and style. There are different sizes and styles are available in the market. You should pick the one which helps you to carry the guitar easily.


Playability is the biggest attraction of thin body guitars. By the way, thin acoustic guitars are designed to play comfortably. Naturally, it has a slimmer neck when comparing to other types of guitar. Not only on thin body acoustic guitar, whenever you are choosing any musical instruments - you need to consider the playability and ergonomics.


Thin body acoustic guitars come with all the prices. You have to choose the best guitar-based on its features, playability, and quality. Always you have to look for a guitar which has high quality. Price doesn’t matter. You can also choose budget-friendly products.


The list of guitars is endless but currently, the above are the best thin body acoustic guitar that I could find that you can buy online. All these guitars vary in terms of features and cost but at the end of the day, I say go with the guitar that feels the most comfortable to play and you think looks the best. Keep practicing and keep your equipment clean and maintained. Thank you for reading!


1. Are smaller acoustic guitars easier to play?

Yes, the small acoustic guitars are easier to play. It is easy to hold and handle. Many guitarists look for comfortable guitars. Many beginners and professionalists seek small acoustic guitars.

2. Is thin body guitar best for traveling?

Thin body guitars are best for traveling. Because it is easy to carry and lightweight. So I solidly recommend it for travelers.

3. Are Thinline guitars any good?

Thinline guitars can do a wide range of genres. The sound is also tighter and produces a less woody tone, proving that guitar construction ultimately impacts the overall style.

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