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10 Best Nicki Minaj Songs

Even though Nicki Minaj just released her first proper record, 'Pink Friday,' a few months ago, her singles and collaborations have long circulated through the masses. The versatile rapper and songwriter has already begun to distance herself from the conventions of her genre, and is revered for her creative, witty hooks and experimental production, as well as being able to capture the voice and spirit behind a wide variety of narratives. Here, we take a look at the 10 best Nicki Minaj songs, as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.
'Roman's Revenge' Feat. Eminem
The single features Minaj's alter ego, Roman Zolanski, squaring off against Eminem's Slim Shady in a dark, aggressive world where both rappers' characters tear into violent, obscenity-laced tirades against each other. In the end, another of Minaj's characters, Martha Zolanski, pleads with the two to grow up, stop fighting, and wash out their mouths with soap. Much of the song is a layered reference to Minaj's ongoing feud with rapper 'Lil Kim.


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Lil Wayne, 'John' Feat. Rick Ross -- New Song

Cash Money

Lil Wayne, who wasted little time retrieving the country's hip-hop crown after serving eight months in prison, is back with the second single, 'John,' off his upcoming record, 'Tha Carter IV.'

The single opens with a wild synthesizer arpeggiation held under a narrator who declares: "Instructions are to prepare for a an attack by an unknown enemy." And then the king enters with a single declaration: "Yeah."

Attack? Here it comes. The song goes gangbusters with glass-shattering bass backed by crunk drum rhythms and Lil Wayne and Rick Ross trading lyrics throughout. Of course it's an attack. Wayne was gone and now he's back, and there's nothing to suggest he would return in any other way. And if there's any doubt that prison hardened the king, it's cast off here in the lyrics from the temporarily-lost-but-never-unknown enemy who praises mortality and suggests everlasting greatness:


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Dierks Bentley, 'Am I The Only One' -- New Song


Dierks Bentley has released his latest single, 'Am I The Only One,' which finds the country singer searching for someone, anyone, to come have a good time with him.

The song is a honky-tonk stomper with heavy drums, crunchy rhythms and a wild guitar solo that sets aside virtuosity to focus on sheer exuberance.

It sits in the vein of the genre's conventional tunes about working hard during the week and partying on Friday, but it carries a twist: Bentley can't find anyone to party with him.


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10 Best Smashing Pumpkins Songs

The Smashing Pumpkins became icons of the '90s rock sound based largely on the strength of two records, 'Siamese Dream' and 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.' They weren't quite grunge; they weren't quite alt-rock. However, their heavy guitars, howling solos and lyrics helped make them one of the most influential artists of their time. Here are the best Smashing Pumpkins songs, as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.
'Rhinoceros,' from group's debut album, 'Gish,' is a pastiche of many of the elements that, once refined, came to define the Smashing Pumpkins. The song provided the space for the group to explore new rhythms, melodies and sounds, ranging from triple-distorted to clean electronic. Corgan once said that "after awhile you get used to playing 'Rhinoceros,' so you bring in something that's a little weirder."
Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros


Selena Gomez & the Scene, 'Who Says' -- New Song


Selena Gomez has released her debut single, 'Who Says,' off her forthcoming record, due out on June 28.

Last week, Gomez tweeted an 8-second clip of the single, but fans can now listen to the song in its entirety.

In 'Who Says,' Gomez sings about staying true to herself, particularly in the face of doubt that comes from others telling her she can't live up to her dreams. Those criticisms, she sings, are "the price of beauty."

"Who says you're not star potential / Who says you're not presidential / Who says you can't be in movies / Listen to me, listen to me."


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'Glee' Cast, 'Get It Right' Feat. Lea Michele -- New Song


The 'Glee' cast has released its latest single, 'Get It Right,' off the show's new soundtrack, 'Glee: The Music, Volume 5,' due out on March 8.

'Get it Right' is an original piece written by the show's music producer Adam Anders. It's one of two original songs featured on the forthcoming record, a first for the series that's known for their covers and mashups of famous pop songs past and present.

The single was written specifically for 'Glee' star Lea Michele, who plays the conflicted and egocentric Rachel, and more original tunes will likely be written for her as the show begins to brand her as an emerging songwriter.


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Glee Cast, 'Glee: The Music, Volume 5' -- 2011 New Album Preview


'Glee' is just halfway into its second televised season, but the talented cast of the cultural juggernaut is wasting no time putting more of the show's music into fans' hands. Its latest soundtrack album, 'Glee: The Music, Volume 5,' is due out March 8.

Most notably, this is the first 'Glee' record that will include two original songs, 'Loser Like Me' and 'Get it Right,' which won't debut on the show until March 15, one week after the record's release.

'Loser Like Me,' is an upbeat, car-windows-down-and-stereo-cranked-in-July jam, featuring Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, Glee's on-again, off-again couple Rachel and Finn. The series' music producer Adam Anders called it a "Gleek anthem" in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview.


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