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10 Best Radiohead Songs

The 10 Best Radiohead songs may just be one the most subjective and unique lists in all of music. Releasing their first album back in 1993, almost every record since was recognized as a "best of the year" candidate, proving that quantity is only surpassed by the quality of their songs. From Brit-pop hits to ambient movie scores, their sound is as varied as the results of our list.
Arguably Radiohead's most recognized song, 'Creep' is actually credited to Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood. Radiohead gives the duo songwriting credits in the 'Pablo Honey' album's liner notes, as the music is lifted from 'The Air That I Breathe' by The Hollies. The Royalties of the song are shared between Yorke, Hammond and Hazlewood.
Radiohead Creep


Top 10 Kenny Chesney Songs

Not only is it difficult to decipher the top Kenny Chesney songs, it's impossible to even list all of his No. 1 singles on this list. One of the defining American country singers of the past two decades, Chesney has more than 30 Top 10 hits, 11 certified gold records and four consecutive Entertainer of the Year Awards. Here are our favorites, which reminisce on first love, the importance of family and the simple things in life.
'I Lost It'
'I Lost It' was one of two new songs released as a single on Chesney's 2000 'Greatest Hits' album. Co-written by Neil Thrasher and Jimmy Olander, the track also features uncredited background vocals from singer-songwriter Pam Tillis.


Top 2010 Music Singles (So Far) -- All Genres

Variety is the spice of life, and nothing exemplifies that more than the top music singles of 2010. The first half of the year has seen plenty of great releases, but it takes a true connoisseur to be able to enjoy all music has to offer. Here we dug into 14 distinct music genres and have selected the highest-rated music singles of 2010 in each category.
'A Moment Changes Everything'
The first single from Gray's 'A Moment Changes Everything' album was originally scheduled to be on a re-release of his last album, 'Draw the Line.' Instead it made its way to a new, all-original album, and to the top of our Songwriters station.
David Gray A Moment Changes Everything


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2010 Summer Songs List -- Top 5

Nothing says summer like the perfect song, and 2010 has already produced a number of pop hits. As we approach the hottest months of the year, these are the top five tracks in heavy rotation heard on iPods, convertible stereos and party playlists. So check out AOL Radio's five songs that define 2010's sound of summer.
The second US single from British-born Taio Cruz's sophomore album, 'Rokstarr,' 'Dynamite' surprisingly makes our 2010 summer songs list with less than two months of radio airplay and no music video. Written by Cruz and Max Martin, and produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco, the song's upcoming new video is slated for a late July release.
Taio Cruz Dynamite


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10 Best Guns N' Roses Songs

Choosing the best Guns N' Roses songs is a difficult task to muster. Between the late '80s and early '90s, GN'R's guitar riffs, introspective lyrics and rebellious, riot-insinuating attitude dominated the hard rock scene. But these 10 happen to be AOL Radio Listeners' favorites, including notable hard rock anthems, power ballads, and even the most recognizable cover -- probably ever.
'My Michelle'
From the band's debut album, 'Appetite for Destruction,' this song is about a friend of the band named Michelle Young. According to Axl, Young mentioned that she had always wanted someone to write a song about her. So he responded with this dark, yet honest, ode, including references to her drug addiction, the death of her mother and her father's work in the pornography industry.
Guns N Roses Appetitie For Destruction


Listen to LeBron James Announcement Tonight on ESPN Radio

LeBron JamesWhere LeBron James will spend the next chapter of his basketball life is a hot topic -- so hot in fact, an hour-long, nationally-televised special has been scheduled tonight for LeBron to announce his decision.

Rumors have spread from watercooler talk to social media domination faster than they can be conceived; this morning alone we've heard he's switched his business address to Chicago, Madison Square Garden's stock rose sharply and ESPN is reporting he's Miami bound. While some of our editors would like to see LeBron lace them up for the first pro sports team in Brooklyn since the Dodgers, oddsmakers still have him pegged to return home to Cleveland. Amid all of this, the only thing we can be 100 percent sure about is that not all of them can be right. That, and where to hear the LeBron James announcement.

Tune in to ESPN Radio tonight at 9PM ET to be the first of your friends to say, "I told you so!"

Update: LeBron has decided to join the Miami Heat

Drake, 'Up All Night' Feat. Nicki Minaj -- New Song

DrakeWhen Drake's 'Thank Me Later' album leaked in early June, most people didn't expect the track 'Up All Night,' featuring Nicki Minaj, to be the album's banger. With names like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys gracing the LP, it's easy to understand why. Yet, many are looking to 'Up All Night' as one of the record's best.

Backed by the gritty, bass heavy production of Boi-1da, 'Up All Night' might be catching some off guard, as most would assume the collaboration to be a love song. Yet, it's one of the heavier tracks on 'Thank Me Later,' full of the braggadocio lyrics we were looking for when Drake promised an album influenced by family, money and women. Hitting back at the haters, Drake boasts, "I'm about whatever man / F--- what they be talking about / They opinion doesn't count / We the only thing that matters."

Already one of 2010's most talked about releases, 'Thank Me Later' officially dropped on June 15. You can check out 'Up All Night,' and other Drake tracks on AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First Radio.

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