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Death Cab For Cutie, 'You Are A Tourist' -- New Song


'You are a Tourist' is the first single from Death Cab for Cutie's upcoming 'Codes and Keys' album, which provides a light, upbeat indie pop vibe (although with some variation) that fans have grown to love from the band.

This song relies less heavily on the acoustic guitar riffs that fans are used to, instead beginning with the echoing sounds of frontman Ben Gibbard repeating "This fire grows higher" with harmonies that are not typical of their previous tracks.

Yet the song maintains a catchy tune and a story that is comfortable for most Death Cab fans. The lyrics shed light on melancholy subjects: "If you feel like a tourist in the city you're born in, it's time to go / and if find your destination, there's so many different places to call home."


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