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Weezer, 'Memories' -- New Song

Rivers CumoRob Loud, Getty Images

Weezer have just released their first single, 'Memories,' from the new album 'Hurley.' After 16 years with Geffen Records, frontman Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the band have decided to go indie and release their eighth studio album on Epitaph Records. The new album hits stores Sept. 14. However, if Weezer fans pre-order 'Hurley' on iTunes, they'll be able to download 'Memories' right away.

According to Spinner, the news of Weezer signing to Epitaph broke last Wednesday, when label/co-founder Brett Gurewitz announced the signing on Twitter. Just because Weezer has gone indie doesn't mean they've altered their sound. In fact, the awesomely catchy sing-a-long chorus in 'Memories' makes us feel like this could be Weezer's biggest hit in years: "Memories make me want to go back there, back there / Memories, how can we make it back there, back there / I want to be there again." Listen to 'Memories' on AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

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Classic Rock Songs List -- Top 500

Jimi Hendrix Classic rock continues to be a popular radio format, despite the music dating as far back as 50 years. Below is the most comprehensive list of classic rock songs that defined the era. The music genre was shaped by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eagles, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and many other rock legends.

All 500 of the following songs can be heard on AOL's Classic Rock radio station. To make it easy to find the track you're looking for, we've sorted this list alphabetically by artist. The music below covers the '60s through the '80s.

Top 500 Classic Rock Songs List

AC/DC, 'Back in Black'
AC/DC, 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Aerosmith, 'Back in the Saddle'
Aerosmith, 'Come Together'
Aerosmith, 'Dream On'
Aerosmith, 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)'
Aerosmith, 'Same Old Song and Dance'
Aerosmith, 'Sweet Emotion'
Aerosmith, 'Walk This Way'
Alice Cooper, 'I'm Eighteen'
Alice Cooper, 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'
Alice Cooper, 'School's Out'
America, 'A Horse With No Name'
America, 'Sister Golden Hair'
Argent, 'Hold Your Head Up'


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Awesome '80s Songs List -- Top 500

Madonna True BlueMusic made the '80s awesome, and these 500 songs defined the decade. The '80s gave birth to memorable hits from Madonna, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Journey, Phil Collins, Prince, the Police, Van Halen and many other superstars.

All 500 of the following songs -- focusing on pop hits -- can be heard on AOL's Awesome '80s radio station. To make it easy to find the track you're looking for, the list is sorted alphabetically by artist.

Awesome '80s Songs List -- Top 500 Hits

A Flock of Seagulls, 'I Ran'
AC/DC, 'Back in Black'
AC/DC, 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Aerosmith, 'Angel'
Aerosmith, 'Janie's Got a Gun'
After the Fire, 'Der Kommissar'
a-ha, 'Take on Me'
Air Supply, 'All Out of Love'
Air Supply, 'Lost in Love'
Air Supply, 'Making Love Out of Nothing at All'
Alphaville, 'Forever Young'
Animotion, 'Obsession'
Asia, 'Heat of the Moment'
Asia, 'Only Time Will Tell'


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The Doobie Brothers, 'Nobody' -- New Song

Doobie Brothers Nobody'Nobody' is the debut single from the Doobie Brothers' first new studio album in a decade. The album, 'World Gone Crazy,' will be in stores Sept. 28. This newly re-recorded song was originally released on the Doobie Brothers' first self-titled studio album in 1971.

Why re-record the song 40 years later? "Well, Ted Templeman [who produced the Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison and Van Halen] asked us to do it over because it never got recorded properly. This time it was!" band co-founder Tom Johnston tells AOL Radio. "And ...[as you can hear]... received a different treatment. It's a reminder to people that the original band is still alive and well!"

'Nobody' is the only song on the album that is not brand new; we'll just have to impatiently wait closer to the end of summer to hear the new material. Until then, tune into AOL Radio's Adult Rock station to hear the new song. Plus catch the Doobie Brothers on tour all summer long.

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