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10 Best Time Songs

Time and time again, songs about time have existed on the airwaves. Whether it be a band crooning about the countdown to the end of time, or the best time of their lives, bands sing around the clock, about the clock.
'Time Has Come Today'
This song was recorded by the brothers in 1966 and is noted as being ahead of it's time based on the effects used in recording. Notably the song uses a cow-bell to replicate the tick-tock of a clock. The Ramones covered the song in 1983.
The Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today


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Top R&B Songs of the Decade - 2000s

The 2000s were marked with many standout R&B songs, featuring leading soul singers, Ne-Yo, Beyoncé, Usher, and Jaheim, and many others. While it seems like only yesterday that we were listening to Aaliyah in 'Romeo Must Die,' we've now reached the decade's end, one that is fittingly closed with Maxwell's heartfelt song 'Pretty Wings.' As rated by AOL Radio listeners, these are the Top R&B Songs of the Decade that move us and fill our souls with song.
'The Point of It All' (2008)
'The Point of It All' is a single off Anthony Hamilton's fourth studio album of the same name. With a prominent handclap backbeat and sparse piano runs, this song is about not being able to be away from one's true love: "You're a major part of my life / And no matter what the storm may bring I'm fine with you / And the point of it all / Is I love you."
Anthony Hamilton The Point of it All


Top Latin Pop Songs 2009

2009's Top Latin pop songs span from Spanish-speaking artists with crossover appeal (Nelly Furtado and Shakira), to artists firmly entrenched in the Latin pop world (Reik and Tito El Bambino). Here are the Top Latin Pop Songs of 2009, as voted by AOL Radio listeners.
'Manos al Aire'
'Manos al Aire' (English: 'Hands in the Air') is the lead single from Nelly Furtado's first Spanish album 'Mi Plan.' The song is about a lover who is currently unhappy with the state of their relationship and is "throwing their hands in the air" because they are out of all other options.
manos al aire single by nelly furtado


Top Indie Rock Songs of 2009

While indie rock used to mean a band was too small and underground to garner a mainstream following, in recent years the genre has moved more and more into the spotlight, making this year's top indie rock songs recognizable to many listeners. This is especially evident as many indie darlings were featured on the major motion picture and Twilight sequel 'New Moon.' From Tegan and Sara to Death Cab for Cutie and beyond, read on to discover the Top Indie Rock Songs of 2009, as determined by AOL Radio listeners.
The twin sister duo of Tegan and Sara released 'Hell' in early October 2009 off their album 'Sainthood.' On the band's website Tegan explained, "I wrote the single, 'Hell,' about my neighborhood in Vancouver." Also adding that "The song was a clever metaphor for my unrequited feelings, for a girl, not drugs."
Tegan and Sara Hell


Top Metal Songs of 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, we've taken a look at the top 2009 metal songs, stemming from Berlin-based Rammstein, virtual band Dethklok and relative newcomers Five Finger Death Punch -- but without leaving out the original thrash heavyweights Megadeth and Slayer, who (since the '80s) have paved the way for many metal bands, even in the last year. So without further anticipation, here are our Top Metal Songs of 2009, as rated by AOL Radio listeners. Check them out -- they're headbang-worthy.
'Pray for Villains'
This top 2009 metal song was released as the first single off Devil Driver's fourth studio album. Lead singer Dez Fafara's influences include Johnny Cash, and Motörhead.
DevilDriver Pray For Villains


Top Rap Songs of 2009

Ever since hip-hop crossed over to mainstream in the '80s, rap songs have increasingly staked a claim on the radio waves. 2009 was no exception, with rap hits -- mostly in the form of collaborations or songs with artists featured on verses -- reigned. From chart dominating newcomer Drake to longstanding king of the rap scene Jay-Z, here are the AOL Radio listener-rated Top Rap Songs of 2009.
'5 Star'
Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti released '5 Star' as the single off his fifth studio album and major label debut, 'Live From the Kitchen.' Rick Ross makes a cameo in the video for the track.
Yo Gotti 5 Star


Top 10 Radio Stations

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