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NKOTBSB, 'Don't Turn Out the Lights' -- New Song

NKOTBSB have unveiled 'Don't Turn Out the Lights,' the first single for the boy band supergroup comprised of the nine members of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys.

The polished, up-tempo pop song finds members from both groups splitting vocal duties on the verses. Joey McIntyre, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Jordan Knight and Nick Carter take turns singing about a troubled relationship they're not ready to give up on.

The full group harmonizes on the catchy chorus: "Don't turn out the lights now, lights now, lights now / Cause in a minute, we'll be feeling like never before / We'll light up the night now, night now, night now / I'll be whatever you need and more."

With the song's appealing hook and the attention the NKOTBSB team-up is getting from the media and fans, it wouldn't be surprise if 'Don't Turn Out the Lights' becomes a hit on the pop charts. The Backstreet Boys last reached the Top 40 six years ago with 'Incomplete,' while New Kids charted with their 2008 comeback hit 'Summertime.'


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Taylor Swift, 'The Story of Us' -- New Song

Taylor Swift closes the book on a failed relationship in 'The Story of Us,' a new song from her 2010 release 'Speak Now.'

Swift explains her optimism at the start: "I used to think someday we'd tell the story of us / How we met and the sparks flew instantly / And people would say 'They're the lucky ones.'"

Things fall apart, though, leaving the 21-year-old singer to dream about what might have been. "A simple complication, miscommunications lead to fall out / So many things that I wish you knew / So many walls up I can't break through."


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Blake Shelton, 'Honey Bee' -- New Song

Warner Music Nashville

Blake Shelton wants to be your 'Honey Bee' on a new song he debuted over the weekend at the ACM Awards. The rockin', up-tempo song features lively electric guitars and sweet lyrics about a budding romance. Shelton makes the promise:

"If you'll be my soft and sweet, I'll be your strong and steady / You be my glass of wine, I'll be your shot of whiskey / You be my sunny day, I'll be your shade tree / You be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee."

"Yeah, that came out a little country," Shelton continues, acknowledging the slightly corny sentiment, but he sings that he's having fun and isn't ashamed of his love, adding, "If you'll be my Louisiana, I'll be your Mississippi / You be my little Loretta, I'll be your Conway Twitty."


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Incubus, 'Adolescents' -- New Song

Alternative rock hitmakers Incubus are back with a new song called 'Adolescents,' from their upcoming album 'If Not Now, When?'.

The song combines the modern-rock guitars and strong vocals from singer Brandon Boyd that have made the band successful since the late-'90s. It also channels some of the more ethereal songs from the band's hit 2001 album 'Morning View' with a mid-song interlude featuring dreamy vocal cooing and whistling.

Lyrically, Boyd takes the kind of gloomy view that many adolescents may have. He sings vaguely about feeling overwhelmed and out of bounds, repeating the hook, "Out of sight, out of mind / We're out of time."


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Top 10 Work Songs

Whether your job involves manual labor, customer service or sitting at a desk all day, chances are there's a musician who claims to understand your plight. The Top 10 Work Songs include tunes that deal with employment from both the male and female perspective, as well as three tracks about that dreaded first day of the work week. No matter if you love your occupation or you want to follow the advice of Johnny Paycheck and 'Take This Job and Shove It,' count along with us as we present the Top 10 Work Songs.
Bob Marley
Kicking off our list of the Top 10 Work Songs is 'Work,' from the 1980 Bob Marley and the Wailers album 'Uprising,' the final record released during the reggae star's lifetime. With the vocal assistance of the I Threes, Marley counted down the work week day by day, lamenting, "I work in the midday sun / I work till the evening comes."
Bob Marley Work


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Game, 'Red Nation' Feat. Lil Wayne -- New Song

Geffen Records

Rapper Game is back with his first new song in three years, 'Red Nation,' a track featuring Lil Wayne that appears on Game's forthcoming release 'The R.E.D. Album.'

The song features a jolt of electro with synths and piano complementing a sampled techno riff from the Zombie Nation song 'Kernkraft 400,' a tune often played at sporting events. Game slows down the riff considerably, building drama as he raps about his place in the hip-hop world:

"I walk on the moon, flow hotter than June / Any n---- want drama I kick up a sand dune / Peace to my man 'Tune for giving his man room / Now we hittin' switches to the Spring Break, Cancun."

Weezy provides the hook: "Lookin' in the mirror, I'm nowhere to be found / Blood, I'm a dog, call me a blood hound / Throwin' blood in the air, leave blood on the ground."


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Snoop Dogg, 'Platinum' Feat. R. Kelly -- New Song

The 'Platinum' lifestyle is about more than just platinum records, according to a new song by Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly from Snoop's album 'Doggumentary,' which hit stores yesterday.

Kelly elaborates on the song's hook: "Platinum stars, platinum chicks / Platinum clothes, platinum rich / Platinum shots, platinum flights / Platinum cribs, platinum lights."

Snoop departs from his usual laid-back style with a rapid-fire verse that stands out even more due to the song's slow tempo, which highlights space-y keyboards and a heavy, rolling bass.

Snoop tells a lady he has his eye on: "Give it to me like I told you / Grab you, flip you, hold you, break you down / Stop depress, drop your dress, cause I'm gon' take you down."

'Platinum' was produced by Lex Luger, whose other recent production credits include Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Rick Ross.


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