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AOL Launches PLAY Music App for Android

AOL PLAY is an awesome and totally free mobile music app from AOL that helps you discover new artists, listen to songs you love and share music with your friends. Think of it like this --...(read more)

Macy Gray, 'Lost' -- Free MP3 Download

Giuliano Bekor Artist: Macy Gray [iTunes] Song: 'Lost' Genre: Pop Download: 'Lost' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] More Free MP3 Downloads ...(read more)

Macy Gray, 'Foreign Cars' -- Free MP3 Download

Giuliano Bekor Artist: Macy Gray [iTunes] Song: 'Foreign Cars' Genre: Pop Download: 'Foreign Cars' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] More Free MP3 Downloads ...(read more)

Charlie Wilson, 'You Are' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Charlie Wilson Song: 'You Are' Album: 'Just Charlie' (coming December 7th) [iTunes] Genre: R&B Download: 'You Are' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] More Free MP3 Downloads...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Eartha, Jesse Ruben, Taproot and Three More

Free Music Tuesday is double-sized for you this week with a whopping six free MP3s for your listening pleasure. ...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Orny Adams, Michael McDonald, Kevin Pollak

Free Music Tuesday becomes Free Comedy Tuesday this week, as we spotlight three amazing stand-up comedians. We've got Orny Adams taking on the so-called convenience of modern cell phones,...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Jenni Alpert, Leland Sundries, Sex Slaves

This week's Free Music Tuesday welcomes three more new and exciting artists into the fold from across the country. We've got New York City's laid-back Americana and bratty hard rock harin...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Kopek, Vanish Valley, Wake the Light

Free Music Tuesday's second October column once again shows just how diverse rock music can be. We start you off with the straight-ahead, updated classic rock of Ireland's Kopek, take a q...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Bill Burr, The IZ, Sahara Smith

Perhaps it's wrong for a parent to rank their children, but this week's Free Music Tuesday column just might be one of our best yet. We always deliver the goods, as you know, but we someh...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Anchored, The Cringe, Janus

This week's Free Music Tuesday column features a lean and mean trio of bands, joining forces to show just how diverse a sound rock and roll can be. We've got balls to the wall hard rock f...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Bess Rogers, For All Those Sleeping + More

The trees are changing color, baseball's winding down and football season is in full swing, but our Free Music Tuesday series remains evergreen, with another diverse batch of songs to hel...(read more)

Gin Blossoms, 'Lost and Found' -- Free MP3 Download

Gin Blossoms are back with their brand new fifth album, 'No Chocolate Cake'; and to celebrate, they are sharing an unreleased song, 'Lost and Found,' from the album sessions -- exclusively with AOL Radio listeners. ...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Taddy Porter, We Are the Arsenal + More

This week's Free Music Tuesday column covers rapper Big B, the updated classic rock sound of Taddy Porter and even symphonic metal from the Arizona desert. In addition, Boxer Manny Pacqui...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Lonely Forest, Janeane Garafalo + More

Hey, hey! Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. Let's get through your (hopefully shorter than usual) workweek with the four new MP3s featured in this week's Free Music Tuesday colu...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Drummers and the City of Boston Step Up!

Lucky you, we managed to get one last Free Music Tuesday in before August fades away. Among our four free tracks this week, we've got two bands from Boston, two drummer-led side projects,...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Four Tracks to Download for Free

We hope you're enjoying our new Free Music Tuesday column as much as we dig putting it together. We've got another great, diverse batch of songs for you this week, including patriotic pop...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Five Free Tracks as Summer Winds Down

We're back! Five more free songs for you, just like we promised. It's a great blend this week, too: warm retro-soul, alternative folk, rock comedy and more. Now, sorry to point this out, ...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Three Songs from The Great Valley

It's a very special Free Music Tuesday this week. We're giving away an entire, exclusive free EP from a terrific alternative rock band The Great Valley, who hail from Wilmington, Del. ...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Four Free Tracks for Hot August Nights

We're kicking off August by sharing four more completely free songs as part of our new "Free Music Tuesday" series. This week we've got everything from Latin jazz to space rock and a hyst...(read more)

Free Music Tuesday -- Five Free Tracks to Download

Another Tuesday at AOL Radio means five more free MP3s from a great, diverse range of up-and-coming bands. We've got hip hop, rock, punk, metal and humor for you this week, sometimes blen...(read more)

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