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Sevendust, 'Splinter' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Sevendust Song: 'Splinter' Album: 'Cold Day Memory' [Amazon Daily Deal ($4.99)] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Mudvayne, Static-X Download: 'Splinter' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] ...(read more)

Jonny Lang, 'Bump in the Road' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Jonny Lang Song: 'Bump in the Road (Live)' Album: 'Live At The Ryman' [iTunes] Genre: Blues/Rock Sounds Like: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepard Download: 'Bump in the Road (Live...(read more)

King's X 'Alright' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: King's X Song: 'Alright' Album: 'XV' [iTunes] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Fates Warning, Rush Download: 'Alright' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] More Free MP3 Downloads...(read more)

Shadow Gallery 'Gold Dust' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Shadow Gallery Song: 'Gold Dust' Album: 'Digital Ghosts' [iTunes] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Threshold, Glass Hammer Download: 'Gold Dust' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] M...(read more)

Devin Townsend Project 'Hyperdrive' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Devin Townsend Project Song: 'Hyperdrive!' Album: 'Addicted!' [iTunes] Genre: Blues/Rock Sounds Like: Strapping Young Lad, Jeff Loomis Download: 'Hyperdrive!' (MP3) [How to Dow...(read more)

Redemption 'Walls' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Redemption Song: 'Walls' Album: 'Snowfall On Judgment Day' [iTunes] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Dreamscape, Shadow Gallery Download: 'Walls' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] ...(read more)

Steve Hackett 'Fire on the Moon' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Steve Hackett Song: 'Fire on the Moon' Album: 'Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth' [iTunes] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Genesis, Anthony Phillips Download: 'Fire on the Moon' (MP3) [How to...(read more)

Jesse Malin 'Burning the Bowery' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Jesse Malin Song: 'Burning the Bowery' Album: 'Love It To Life' [iTunes] Genre: Singer/Songwriter Sounds Like: Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams Download: 'Burning the Bowery' (MP3) [H...(read more)

The Auctioneers 'Young Man's Blues" -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: The Auctioneers Song: 'Young Man's Blues' Album: 'The Auctioneers EP' Genre: Rock Sounds Like: The Black Crowes, The Outlaws Download: 'Young Man's Blues' (MP3) [How to Download a ...(read more)

Black Sunshine 'Once In My Life' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Black Sunshine Song: 'Once In My Life' Album: 'Black Sunshine' [iTunes] Genre: Rock Sounds Like: Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman Download: 'Once In My Life' (MP3) [How to Download...(read more)

Soil 'Like It Is' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Soil Song: 'Like It Is' (Warning: Song contains mature content) Album: 'Picture Perfect' [iTunes] Genre: Hard Rock Sounds Like: Drowning Pool, Godsmack Download: 'Like It Is' (MP3) ...(read more)

Asia 'Finger on the Trigger' -- Free MP3 Download

Artist: Asia Song: 'Finger on the Trigger' Album: 'Omega' Genre: Progressive Rock Sounds Like: Yes, Saga Download: 'Finger on the Trigger' (MP3) [How to Download a Free MP3] More Free M...(read more)

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