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10 Best Alternative Songs of 2011

The Top 10 Alternative Songs of 2011 contain a mix of old (Foo Fighters) and new (Foster the People) but it is fan favorite Coldplay that won the attention of our listeners this year. Check out the 10 alternative songs that rated highly on AOL Radio this year.
'All I Ever Wanted'
The second track from the album, "All At Once," by Airborne Toxic Event has the band staying true to their melodic brooding sound, reminiscent of a modern day Bob Dylan. 'All I Ever Wanted' takes the band a step forward with a more striking guitar sound mixed with indie sensibilities. For those who wanted something different sounding, this song was it.
Airborne Toxic Event all I Ever Wanted
'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie'
For those who were pining for new RHCP, they got it. Fans also saw the band stick to the formula that made them one of the kings of the alternative format. 'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie' finds the Peppers driving their sound in a typical So-Cal RHCP style with driving bass from Flea and steady vocals from Anthony Kiedis. This album lived up to expectations from fans who couldn't wait for another run from RHCP.
RHCP Rain Dance Maggie
'The Sound of Winter'
Bush is back and Gavin Rossdale traded in his soccer mom experiment for a return to the sound that made Bush a household name in the alternative format. 'Sound Of Winter' brought the return of the Bush sound that had been experimented with since hits like 'Glycerine.' It is safe to say the Bush found their stride again, and the sound is one that is definitely familiar to rabid fans.
Bush Sound of Winter
'Dark Horses'
Switchfoot has been a band that has become a darling in several formats but the core of their music has always been a driving alternative sound. On their new album "Hello Hurricane," Switchfoot stripped away the pop and let their rock flag fly giving us an all-out guitar assault that solidified what we all already knew: Switchfoot is truly an alt rocker, so welcome back boys!
Switchfoot Dark Horses
'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall'
Coldplay returns with a massive record that explores the true range of their music. The album 'Mylo Xyloto' spawned the debut single 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,' which held the top spot on alternative charts and became an anthem for TV and music festivals. The song has become just another Coldplay track that will stand the test of time.
Coldplay Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
'Ready to Start'
This would be a massive year for a band that would take the long way to success. Arcade Fire would see an upset victory at the Grammys, and see their song 'Ready To Start' find lasting success at alternative radio. The album should be just the beginning for what is to come from this Montreal rock band.
Arcade Fire Ready to Start
2011 saw the return of many of the core artists that would be the standard bearers for the alternative format. Foo Fighters might as well be the poster child for what the format has become and continues to aspire to be. 'Rope' would be the anthem track that would solidify what would be just another massive success for the Foos.
Foo Fighters Rope
'Little Lion Man'
Acoustic mastery mixed with amazing vocals describe Mumford & Sons and what a year they've had. The band surprised everyone as they became a huge breakthrough band in 2011, since few believed that a stripped down acoustic sound could become a staple of the future of the alternative sound.
Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man
'Pumped Up Kicks'
The catchy hook for 'Pumped Up Kicks' helped make Foster the People a success in 2011. The song became a mass appeal track that crossed genres and was seemingly the one song you sang along to, but never understood what exactly you were singing about.
Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks
'Paradise' hit the top of the charts after Coldplay's first 2011 single, 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.' The sound was a departure from the traditional Coldplay sound but it would prove there is not a music space that Coldplay can't successfully explore.
Coldplay Paradise

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