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Top 10 Destiny's Child Songs

Destiny's Child is unquestionably one of the most successful female groups of all time. The group, primarily consisting of very talented vocalists Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, released five albums and a string of number one singles. They have sold more than 50 million records but have been on hiatus since 2006 - until the trio released the album 'Love Songs' last week and reunited for Beyoncé's 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance. With the music world buzzing about their electric performance, we take a look at the band's top ten songs of all time as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.
'Cater 2 U'
Destiny's Child released their fourth and final single from their final studio album 'Destiny Fulfilled.' The R&B love ballad is about a woman's desire to cater to the man in her life. It was the band's final top ten before their disbandment. As the band's last single, the song shows off each member's individual voice, as they seductively trade verses while the others back them up.
'Soldier' (feat. T.I. and Lil' Wayne)
While Destiny's Child's career was coming to an end, two up-and coming rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne joined forces on one of the band's most upbeat and hip-hop-like tracks. Beyoncé has the lead vocals in this sexual track about the type of men from the hood who they like. Williams and Rowland also have a verse, while the two rappers add their own beats. A remix of the catchy track features rapper Biazzare of the Group D12 and includes a new urban beat.
'No, No, No' (feat. Wyclef Jean)
In 1997, Destiny's Child had their first hit with 'No, No, No.' The R&B track's second part was a remix featuring Wyclef Jean who also co-produced the song. The soft ballad was reminiscent of the band TLC and exploded to the #1 spot on the R&B charts. The popular single featured the original four member band, which did not include Michelle Williams. Beyoncé and Rowland sang the lead vocals on the song about a shy man. The remix is more upbeat than the original (part I) and is based around a sample of The Love Unlimited Orchestra's 'Strange Games and Things.'
'Lose My Breath'
The lead single on 'Destiny Fulfilled' was one of their most explosive, sexual songs and featured march-band pulsating beats in the background. 'Lose My Breath' was altered with the help of Beyoncé's future husband Jay-Z, who penned the song's chorus. The upbeat song is actually sampled from a specific drum line of the University of Michigan Marching Band and features all three on lead vocals, although Kelly Rowland has the most lines. The singers describe a man who needs to be strong enough to keep up with them. "I'm startin' to believe that I'm way too much for you. All that talk but it seems like it can't come through."
'Jumpin' Jumpin'
Back when the band still had its original four members, Destiny's Child released one of their biggest R&B hits titled 'Jumpin Jumpin.' It's arguably the band's most successful use of harmonizing. Former members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson backup Beyoncé and Rowland in the mid-tempo song. Michelle Williams was included on one of the remixes to the song, but wasn't a part of the original top 5 hit. The background beat stands out as well in this song and is matched by the rapid speed in which the band sings its lyrics. The single is simply about a girls night out away from any men they may know.
'Bills, Bills, Bills'
The original quartet once again was inspired by TLC when they had their first number one single 'Bills, Bills, Bills.' The empowering single was their first from their second album 'The Writing's on the Wall' and focused greatly on all four members' voices. The song was written by Kandi Burruss and producer Eric Phillips who both worked on TLC's hit single 'No Scrubs' which was about similar sentiments. The lyrics, especially the chorus, is often misinterpreted as the women looking for a guy to pay their bills, when in actuality the man is running up the bills and needs help. "You're slowly makin' me pay for things/Your money should be handling."
'Independent Women Pt. 1'
This hit single was the first to feature Michelle Williams on vocals when it was released in 2000. Originally released to the soundtrack of Charlie's Angels and later on the band's third album 'Survivor,' 'Independent Women' held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for a remarkable eleven consecutive weeks. Although eight people got writing credits for this song, Beyoncé had the idea for the song after having an argument with her boyfriend. Some of the lyrics, which promote female independence, were altered for the film. The memorable chorus features an empowering sing-along that is the strongest part of the mid-tempo track. "All the women who are independent throw your hands up at me!"
Destiny's Child literally altered the dictionary with their third single off of 'Survivor.' 'Bootylicious,' although previously used in pop culture, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary due to the top-charting single's high popularity. The song features a prominent sample of the guitar riff in Stevie Nicks' huge hit 'Edge of Seventeen' and Nicks actually appears in the song's music video. The guitar beat carries the soulful song, but the lyrics are the most infectious part of the song which uniquely includes lead vocals from Rowland. Regardless, Beyoncé is heard singing the line she is credited with and one of the more memorable lines from the group: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly."
This was the title song of arguably the band's greatest and most successful album and was another powerful hit filled with authority. The song was reportedly based on the negativity surrounding the departures of Roberson and Luckett from the band. Beyoncé later said that the song, which was also inspired by the television show of the same name, was about anyone who ever doubted the group. The single featured lead vocals from all three members of the band and won a Grammy for Best R&B performance. Williams sings in the inspirational bridge: "After all of the darkness and sadness, still comes happiness. If I surround myself with positive things, I'll gain prosperity."
'Say My Name'
'Say My Name' was the first single to introduce both Michelle Williams and the new fourth member Farrah Franklin. Franklin didn't last long with the band, but both new members were included in the video, despite not having any vocals present in the single. The mid-tempo track was the third single from 'The Writing's on the Wall' and the most successful. 'Say My Name' was another Grammy-award winning single and chart-topper and is arguably their most signature song. The song's narrator suspects her lover of cheating and wants him to say her name on the phone. The narrative is supported by a mix that includes a lot of synthetic beats and strings. Additionally, Luckett and Robertson provide the harmonies to the song, while Beyoncé sings the majority of the song. Rowland has stated that 'Say My Name' is her favorite Destiny's Child song and AOL Radio listeners agree as the single finishes in the top spot.

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