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10 Best Drinking Songs

Who doesn't love a "beer [that] chases [your] blues away," or a "frozen concoction that helps [you] hang on?" Drinking has always been a part of popular culture, but since rock 'n' roll, music and drinking go hand in hand, as artists write songs that incorporate the very act of drinking. So raise a glass, and sing along to our 10 Best Drinking Songs, as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.
'Closing Time'
Drinking Lyric: "Closing time / One last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer /
Closing time / You don't have to go home but you can't stay here"

'Closing Time' is from Semisonic's album 'Feeling Strangely Fine.' The song earned a 1999 Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song. Although the song appears to be about a "pickup bar," the band's drummer said the song is actually about being born and the references to drinking have to do with the mother not being able to drink anymore during pregnancy.

semisonic closing time
'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer'
Drinking Lyric: "Need me a triple shot of that juice / Gonna get drunk don't you have no fear / I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer"

Thorogood was not the first to sing this drinking song; it was first performed by John Lee Hooker. The song appears on the 1977 album 'George Thorogood and the Destroyers.'

'Why Don't We Get Drunk'
Drinking Lyric: "So bar maid bring a pitcher, another round o brew / Honey, why don't we get drunk and screw"

The song is a parody of typical country love songs. Buffett states: "I was hearing a lot of very suggestive country songs -- in particular, Conway Twitty's 'Let's Go All the Way.' I figured I would write a song that would leave no doubt in anybody's mind. I thought back to a late night in an Atlanta diner where I was eating and watching this out-of-focus businessman trying to pick up a hooker. That's all the inspiration I needed."

jimmy buffett why dont we get drunk
'Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar) [Country Mix]'
Drinking Lyric: "And in my drunken stupor / I did what I should have never done / And now I'm sittin' here, talking to you / Drunk and on the run"

'Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar)' is the third single from Rehab's 2008 album, 'Graffiti the World.' The country mix version features an uncredited Hank Williams Jr. singing the second verse.

Bartender Song Rehab
'Piano Man'
Drinking Lyric: "And the waitress is practicing politics / As the businessmen slowly get stoned / Yes they're sharing a drink they call loneliness / But it's better than drinking alone"

'Piano Man' was Billy Joel's first hit and his signature song. From the perspective of a piano player in a bar, he recalls the customers' reactions to him and demands of him.

Billy Joel Piano man
Drinking Lyric: "Tequila!"

This tune is widely known for the rhythm guitar, saxophone melody, and the lyric 'Tequila!' spoken only three times in the song. The Champs never had another hit after 'Tequila!' which started as a studio jam, only to be featured as the b-side for 'Train to Nowhere.' The song is used extensively in pop culture, notably in the 1985 film 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.'

tequilathe champs
'Family Tradition'
Drinking Lyric: "Lordy, I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam / And they both tried to kill me in 1973"

This classic drinking song is the fourth and final single released from Hank's 1978 album of the same name. The song talks about why Hank does what he does, from drinking to smoking, because, well, it is a "family tradition" after all.

Hank Williams Jr family tradition
'Have a Drink on Me'
Drinking Lyric: "I'm trying to walk a straight line / On sour mash and cheap wine / So join me for a drink boys / We're gonna make a big noise"

This tune is featured on their sixth internationally released studio album 'Back in Black, ' which was the second biggest selling album of all time, after Michael Jackon's 'Thriller.' The song is about, well, getting drunk with your buddies.

ac dc have a drink on me back in black
'Friends In Low Places'
Drinking Lyric: "'Cause I've got friends in low places / Where the whiskey drowns / And the beer chases my blues away"

This song screams sing-along -- with a drink in one hand and your arm draped around your best friend's shoulders. Included in Brooks second album 'No Fences,' the chorus features vocals by Brooks' then-wife Sandy and the song's writers DeWayne Blackwell and Earl Bud Lee. In live performances, Brooks adds a third verse that includes the lines: "Just wait til I finish this glass / Then sweet little lady, I'll head back to the bar / And you can kiss my a--."

Garth Brooks Friends in low Places
Drinking Lyric: "But there's booze in the blender, and soon it will render / That frozen concoction that helps me hang on"

This No. 1 best drinking song is from the album 'Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,' written in Fort Myers, Florida. The song details the singer's time spent the season before, drinking and being lazy, a state of mind called "Margaritaville" induced by imbibing too many margaritas. The song has translated into a casual dining chain of the same name, as well as home appliances, tequila and frozen foods.

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