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How to Sign Up for AOL Radio Plus

With AOL Radio Plus, you can enjoy ad-free listening, unlimited song skipping, optional ABC News and ESPN updates, complete song lyrics and -- coming soon -- the ability to listen to select AOL Radio stations on your mobile device without an Internet connection.

AOL Radio Plus costs $3.99 a month. Registration is safe and secure and you can cancel at any time.

To upgrade your free AOL Radio account to AOL Radio Plus:

1) Launch the AOL Radio player and log in to AOL Radio with your free AOL Radio account

2) Click on the 'Upgrade' link in the menu of your e-mail address OR the 'Upgrade to see what's next' link

3) Click the 'Buy Now' button

4) Enter all necessary information including a valid credit card (NOTE: Transactions are done securely via Trustwave. For more information, click here.)

5) You will get an 'Upgrading' screen.

6) Once the transaction has gone through, you will get a Thank You notice.

Note: Your credit card will be automatically billed each month until you cancel.

How to Cancel Your AOL Radio Plus Subscription

1) Launch the AOL Radio player and log in to AOL Radio with your AOL Radio Plus account

2) Click on your username and select Account Info from the dropdown

3) On the Account Information box, click Cancel Subscription

4) Confirm your cancellation

5) A canceled subscription email will be sent to you on the last day your subscription will be active.

For more information on AOL Radio Plus or other questions, please visit our FAQ.

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