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New AOL Radio powered by Slacker: How-To Guide

The new AOL Radio powered by Slacker is now live and below is a quick rundown on how to use basic features to enhance your listening experience.

"How-To" Guide for Listeners

1) How do I sign up for an account?

After a brief trial period, there will be a simple, free registration process required for continued free use of the NEW AOL Radio web player and iPhone app. Registering will allow us to remember your favorite stations, songs, custom stations, and for the free products, it will allow us to deliver relevant advertising. Per our privacy policy, we will NOT share your information.

To register, click on the 'Create Account' link on the top righthand corner of the AOL Radio powered by Slacker player. Registration is FREE and only requires an email address, birth year, gender and zip code.

2) How do I change my password?

If you've forgotten or want to change your password click on the 'Sign In' link on the top righthand side of the player (Note: If you're signed in, sign out.)

Click on the 'Forgot your password' link and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your account. From there, you will be able to use the link in your confirmation e-mail to reset your password.

3) How do I set a station as a favorite? How do I remove a station as a favorite?

To set a station as a favorite, click the Heart icon next to the station name on the top of the player. If the heart turns to yellow, that station has been stored as a 'Favorite Station' on the left menu of the player.

To remove a station as a preset, unclick the Heart icon next to the station name when it is playing.

4) How do I skip a song while listening to a station?

To skip a song, click on the Skip button to go to the next song. The small number next to the arrow indicates how many skips you have left for that station. Listeners listening to the free AOL Radio web player are allowed six skips per hour, per station.

5) How do I favorite a song? What happens when I favorite a song?

If you hear a song that you like, click on the Heart icon in the Now Playing window to remember that song. Whenever you listen to a station that has that song, that song will play more frequently. In a future AOL Radio release, you will be able to create your own custom station around your favorite songs.

6) How do I ban an artist or song from playing on a station?

If you hear an artist or song that you wish to not play again when you're listening to the station, click on the Ban icon (next to the Heart in the Now Playing.) This will remove the artist or song from playing in the future when you're on the station.

7) How do I play a station based on my favorite artist or song?

To create a station centered around your favorite artist or favorite song, click on the 'Create Station' link on the left menu. A box will appear asking you to input your favorite artist or song into the search bar.

If we are able to determine exactly who the artist or song is, the artist or song will appear right away. Click on the Play button to begin playing a station centered around that artist or song.

If your search comes up with more than one result, hit the 'Search' button and scroll through the Artists, Albums and Songs tabs to find your desired result and then hit Play for a station based on that artist or song.

8) How do I block explicit content and/or ads from the player?

For select genres (ie. Kids, Christian/Gospel, Lite Sounds, etc...) we try to remove as much explicit content as possible from the stations, or play edited versions of tracks for listeners where available. However, if you listen to other genres (ie. Metal, Hip-Hop, etc..) or create custom stations, you may hear explicit versions of songs or hear ads targeted for an older audience.

To block explicit content from playing, click on your username on the top righthand corner when you're signed in. A dropdown menu will appear with the option of 'EXPLICIT CONTENT' turned ON by default. Click on the setting to turn 'EXPLICIT CONTENT' to OFF. You will now no longer hear explicit songs and/or mature ads.

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