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Top 10 Christmas Country Songs

AOL Radio is bringing you the top 10 Christmas songs from several genres to get you ready for the Christmas season. First up are the top 10 Christmas country songs of all time. All of these songs were originals and had mainstream, cross-over appeal. These songs are quite unique, and a few even make you feel like your on a beach and not in the middle of a snowstorm. Nevertheless, it's all about Christmas and the events of the holiday, so take a look below at our list.
'It Wasn't His Child'
Trisha Yearwood
This religious tune was released off of Yearwood's 1994 album 'The Sweetest Gift.' The ballad could definitely be sung in church choirs, as it is uplifting and features biblical themes. It was her second original single off that album, along with 'Reindeer Boogie.' Both songs were top 100 country songs that year.
'This Is my Prayer for You'
Reba McEntire
In 1999, McEntire released her second Christmas album, 'The Secret of Giving' which includes several original songs. The opening track 'This is my Prayer for You' features Christmas bells in the background and is one of the most powerful Christmas tunes. The song is upbeat as McEntire sings about her hope for the future. She sings: "May all your sweet dreams go unbroken/may every wish you've ever spoken come true."
'All Wrapped Up in Christmas'
Tracy Lawrence
'All Wrapped Up in Christmas' is the title song off Tracy Lawrence's first Christmas album, released in late 2007. The song was written by Flip Anderson and Kenny Beard and charted on the country charts. The two minute tune is relaxing, featuring a violin and a piano solo. Lawrence sings that there isn't much time to do anything else, because he's 'all wrapped up in Christmas.'
Rocky Comfort
'Mrs. Santa Claus'
Oak Ridge Boys
Mrs. Santa Claus gets her moment of glory in this Oak Ridge Boys tune. The fun tune describes the poor wife worrying about her husband's long journey on Christmas Eve. "Don't you cry or worry, Mrs. Santa Claus. After all these years, the reindeer know their way."
'A Different Kind of Christmas'
LeAnn Rimes
LeAnn Rimes released this single from her 2004 album 'What a Wonderful World.' She shows off her strong voice in this ballad about the holidays. It is certainly "different" as she sings that "there's a sadness in the song" and "in our hearts we know that something's wrong."
'Where Are You Christmas?'
Faith Hill
This track was released in 2000 for the movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Mariah Carey co-wrote the song and was originally supposed to sing it, but instead Faith Hill recorded it and released the single to great success.
Warner Brothers
'Christmas Cookies'
George Strait
With a bluesy and simple beat, George Strait sings simply about all the cookies eaten by kids and adults alike on Christmas. "Sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar,' sings the country star. In addition to this famous song, Strait has also released several Christmas albums of his own.
'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer'
Elmo & Patsy
One of the biggest mainstream Christmas hits was released in 1979 by Elmo & Patsy. The comedic tune 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer' describes the grandmother getting drunk and leaving the house into a snowstorm. Yet, although some people find it funny, some don't find it very uplifting, since the grandmother dies due to Santa Claus and his reindeer. Still, it's one of the most played songs on the radio and enjoyed by many.
'All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan'
Kenny Chesney
This song was written by Paul Overstreet, as the title track to Kenny Chesney's first Christmas album, which ultimately was certified gold. The soft, rhythmic tune has a new spin on normal themes of Christmas, as Chesney sings about the only thing he desires: a tan and laying around in paradise. So much for snow and Santa Claus in this song. The unique theme helped the hit become one of the more popular country Christmas songs of all time.
'Let It Be Christmas'
Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson scored a top 40 country song with the title track to his second Christmas album 'Let It Be Christmas.' The song is one of two originals composed by Jackson on the album. The feel-good, seasonal single is the perfect family tune, as Jackson sings about everyone gathering together for the holiday. Jackson references a lot of places in the song as he sings about spreading the love for Christmas. "Let heavenly music fill the air. Let every heart sing, let every bell ring the story of hope and joy and peace."
Arista Nashville

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