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Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs

From humble beginnings as a backup dancer on the show 'In Living Color,' Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recognizable artists worldwide. After major success from her debut album 'On the 6,' Lopez has gone on to release eight full-length studio albums. Her success can be attributed to her smooth R&B beats and her heartfelt lyrics of real life problems. Even as she changes her style up on her latest work 'Love?' we can not help but be enamored. Here are the Top 10 Jennifer Lopez songs as chosen by AOL Radio Listeners.
'I'm Gonna Be Alright'
First appearing on Lopez's second studio album, 'J.Lo,' featuring the rapper 50 Cent, Lopez released the song as a single a year later. The album version proved too long for radio play, so Lopez hired the great Nas to do a new verse, cutting the song down roughly a minute and making it suitable for radio play. Regardless, Lopez nails it on this track.
'Play' is a another song off the album 'J.Lo.' The song was co-written by Christina Milian who contributed to the chorus vocals for the song. The music video, directed by Francis Lawrence, was entirely computer generated aside for its actors. A South Korean girl group named Baby V.O.X. covered 'Play' in both Korean and English.
'Ain't it Funny'
'Ain't It Funny' is a song about rejecting a past lover who is coming back to Lopez. "Everyone gets a chance to burn, you can take it as a lesson learned." The original version of this song did not receive much airplay due to poor promotion. When the song was remixed however, it came back with a vengeance, climbing to No. 1 on the Billboard charts.
'All I Have'
Another controversial track, the signature sample used here is a clip from Debra Law's 'Very Special'. Law took it up with the label, and sued Sony Music Entertainment/Epic Records. The song itself is about a fight between LL Cool J and Lopez, two lovers on the ropes. Originally titled 'I'm Good,' Lopez changed the name thinking it was too similar to 'I'm Real.'
'Jenny from the Block'
Back in 2002, if you were named Jenny, no matter where you were actually from, you were from the block. An anthem for people from the Bronx, 'Jenny from the Block' is really a journey through hip-hop history, featuring the frequently used sample of Earth Wind and Fire's 'Heaven and Hell is on Earth,' the famous Boogie Down Production song 'South Bronx' as well as The Beatnuts' 1999 track 'Watch Out Now.' The Beatnuts were not too happy about the sample however, making sly remarks about it in their song 'Confused Rappers.'
'I'm Real (Murder Remix Feat. Ja Rule)'
'I'm Real' features a sample of 'Firecracker' by Yellow Magic Orchestra,' which was originally licensed for use by Mariah Carey. Due to a dispute with Carey, however, the label ended up giving the sample to Lopez. The chemistry between Lopez and Ja Rule is incredible, making this song as much of a hit now as it was back in 2001.
'On the Floor'
In a real aberration of style, the beat to this song sounds a lot more like a house song from overseas. Standing to reason, this song went No. 1 on charts everywhere from Romania to France. The lyrical content is a lot different from other Lopez songs on this list, instead of talking about her love life, Lopez is simply here to dance and have a good time. This one comes at us from Lopez's latest album 'Love?'
'Love Don't Cost a Thing'
The first single off Jennifer Lopez's second album 'J.Lo,' we now return to the Lopez of our memory, singing about her issues with love. 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' is about men who try and woo Lopez using money instead of just being honest and showing her true love. The Spanish version of the song, 'Amor Se Paga con Amor,' literally translates to 'Love is Paid with Love.'
'Waiting for Tonight'
Originally performed by pop trio 3rd Party, Lopez made the song her own when she put it on her debut album in 1999. The song began to receive more and more hype the closer it was to the new-year, with the millennium right around the corner. People began to worry about the Y2K bug, which is parodied in Lopez's video as a big joke.
'If You Had My Love'
Jennifer Lopez's first single, taken from her debut studio album 'On the 6,' climbed to No. 1 on the charts, making it J.Lo's First number one hit. Dominating the charts for five weeks straight, 'If You Had My Love' is about being able to trust your lover, being able to know if your spouse is honest. The video for this song also made quite a stir for its use of internet surveillance.

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