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Top 10 No Doubt Songs

California-based band No Doubt has officially been around since 1986. The rockers, led by energetic vocalist Gwen Stefani, released five albums and rose up the charts with many catchy singles and personal tracks. They are known for their unique, ska-influenced, punk sound. After a hiatus from 2004 to 2008, No Doubt returned to the studio to work on their sixth album 'Push and Shove,' which was released on September 25 of this year. The album features their new single 'Settle Down.' Here are the top 10 No Doubt songs on AOL Radio.
'Simple Kind of Life'
This 2000 pop-rock ballad was the third single off of No Doubt's fourth album 'Return of Saturn.' The song, written solely by Stefani, is one of No Doubt's deepest songs, with personal lyrics about Stefani's life and her desire to settle down and start a family. She contrasts those desires with her commitment to the band and her current relationship status. 'Return of Saturn' would be the band's second to last album before their 11 year break.
'Underneath It All'
For their third single off their successful 2001 album, 'Rock Steady,' No Doubt produced a reggae influenced 'Underneath It All,' featuring vocals from Jamaican DJ Lady Saw. The Grammy-award winning single was co-written with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and was inspired by Stefani's relationship with Gavin Rossdale of Bush. Her main line, "You're really lovely underneath it all," comes from a journal entry Stefani wrote. The love song was featured in the movie '50 First Dates' and was the band's highest charting American single.
'Sunday Morning'
The softer, ska-inspired 'Sunday Morning' was released as the sixth single off their third album, 'Tragic Kingdom.' The song was originally composed during a fight between band members Tony Kanal and Stefani, who were then in a relationship. The lyrics were altered later, and specifically discussed the couple's breakup. "You sure have changed since yesterday, without any warning," sings Stefani.
'Ex-Girlfriend' was the first official single off 'Return of Saturn,' and was originally written about Stefani's relationship with Rossdale. The hard-rocking punk track stands out on the album and was sped-up on purpose, to contrast the song with the many ballads on the album. The lyric "You say you're gonna burn before you mellow" references Bush's song 'Dead Meat.' Stefani and Rossdale married two years later in 2002.
'Hey Baby'
'Hey Baby' was the first single off 'Rock Steady' and was influenced by Jamaican dancehall music. The rocker is a fun, dance type track that features Bounty Killer, who compliments the song with a reggae verse. The catchy tune is about groupies trying to spend some time with the male band members of No Doubt at post-concert parties. The song's famous, yet controversial, music video features drummer Adrian Young hanging nude from gymnastic rings.
'Hella Good'
Another fun-listening, dance track off 'Rock Steady' was No Doubt's second single off the album, 'Hella Good,' which was co-written by The Neptunes. The song features elements of dance-punk, funk rock, and electro-pop and the entertaining chorus, "You've got me feeling hella good, so let's just keep on dancing." The song was meant to be a celebratory tale of Stefani's life, and is an optimistic dance track. The successfully charted dance single, has been re-mixed multiple times.
Ska punk track 'Spiderwebs' was released by Stefani and Kanal as their second single off 'Tragic Kingdom.' The song, which features many brass instruments, began a mid-'90s revival of the ska genre. The upbeat track is about a female frustrated by an annoying man's phone calls, and poor poetry. Stefani sings, "You're intruding on what's mine, and you're taking up my time."
'It's My Life'
'It's My Life' was originally written by British synth-pop band Talk Talk in the mid-1980s. Instead of recording a new song for their greatest hits album, released after the band began their hiatus, No Doubt just decided to record a cover. They picked this new-wave cover over hundreds of other potential songs and it turned out to be a great choice, as 'It's My Life' became one of No Doubt's most popular singles. The track sold over a half a million copies and was promoted by its 1930's style music video, which featured Stefani's character murdering three victims.
'Just a Girl'
The lead single off of 'Tragic Kingdom' was 'Just a Girl,' an upbeat, punk rock song that featured elements of ska and new wave. The hit, perhaps best represented the band's early musical style, and was about Stefani's frustrations over female stereotypes, as she sings about being 'just your typical prototype." This was their first big break, and was played on radio stations across America and on late night television shows. The band even performed the song during the 2003 Super Bowl half time show.
'Don't Speak'
This soft-rock ballad is one of No Doubt's most personal and deep tracks. The single, which was originally only released as a single in the UK, was co-written by her brother Eric, before he left the band. After Stefani and Kanal broke up, the song changed from a love ballad, to a sad break up track about her heartbreak and losing her "best friend." She adds, "It looks as though you're letting go and if it's real, well I don't want to know." The song became one of their biggest hits and helped 'Tragic Kingdom' sell about 15 million copies.

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