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Welcome to the NEW AOL Radio powered by Slacker

Welcome to the NEW AOL Radio powered by Slacker.

Below are some questions and answers related to the new AOL Radio powered by Slacker experience. Keep visiting for more information about AOL Radio powered by Slacker or sign up for the AOL Radio newsletter.


1) How do I get to the NEW AOL Radio powered by Slacker web player?

You can access the new AOL Radio player at

2) How will I get to the NEW AOL Radio powered by Slacker iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad app?

The new AOL Radio powered by Slacker app is now available on the iTunes store. If you already have the AOL Radio app iPhone/iPad/iTouch installed, you will have to upgrade in order to continue listening to AOL Radio stations. You can do this through the iTunes App Store on your computer or directly on your device.

To download or upgrade to the AOL Radio powered by Slacker app, click on this link.

3) What is different and the same about AOL Radio powered by Slacker?

There will be 50% less audio commercials, a longer player sleep timeout PLUS new and improved features along with an all-new design for both the web and mobile players.

AOL Radio's 200 stations will continue to be programmed by our expert music directors and we've also added ABC News and ESPN Radio to our station offering.

4) Is AOL Radio still free?

Yes, AOL Radio will continue to be free and will have new and improved features along with 50% fewer audio commercials.

Coming in December, we will offer two paid premium options which will allow you to listen to AOL Radio ad-free with unlimited skipping as well as on-demand listening. (see Question 11)

5) Will I have to register for the new AOL Radio?

After a brief trial period, there will be a simple, free registration process required for continued free use of the NEW AOL Radio web player and iPhone app. Registering will allow us to remember your favorite stations, songs, custom stations, and for the free products, it will allow us to deliver relevant advertising. Per our privacy policy, we will NOT share your information. Registration is simple and only requires an email address, birth year, gender and zip code. See Question 1 in our 'How-To' guide for details on how to register.

Once you have registered and have received a confirmation email, you can sign in directly on the new radio player.
You cannot sign in at

6) How do I change my password with AOL Radio?

Please refer to Question 2 in our 'How To' guide for details on how to reset your password

7) Will I have to reset my presets with the new AOL Radio?

Yes, we have new & improved presets (which are now called "Favorite Stations") that will have more stability. You will have to reset favorite stations the first time you use the new AOL Radio web player and mobile app. In order to save your favorite stations, you must register. You can register on the player using the 'Create Account' link on the player.

For instructions on how to register and/or set your presets, please read our 'How-To' post here.

8) Where are the local CBS Radio stations?

CBS Radio local stations are no longer be featured on AOL Radio's web or mobile players. You can find CBS stations at or via the mobile app.

9) Are all AOL Radio stations included in the new AOL Radio?

We have brought over a majority of the AOL Radio stations to the NEW AOL Radio. The stations are still programmed by AOL Radio music directors.

The All Artist stations are not available because of various licensing issues. But you can now create an artist station by clicking on the "Create Station" link in the left rail. See our user's guide for more details See #7 in our 'How To' guide here regarding how to create custom artist stations.

We have added some new stations (such as Dubstep, Coffeehouse Corner, etc...). Later in the year, we will be launching new stations as well. We have also added ABC News and ESPN Radio to our lineup.

Additionally, we will be bringing Radio NRI's Bollywood and KCRW's stations to the player in a future update as well.

If there are specific stations you would like to see reinstated, please send us feedback here. For up to the minute programming info, please visit or sign up for the AOL Radio newsletter.

10) I can't find my favorite AOL Radio station in the genre I remember it being in...

Click here to see a list of all of our active AOL Radio stations
and the corresponding genre it belongs to on the player. Your station may have been moved to another category.

11) What are the premium options and when will they become available?

The premium options will launch in December 2011.

Listeners will be able to choose between two paid premium subscriptions in addition to the free web and mobile players:

- Radio Plus - Ad-free radio, unlimited song skipping and offline listening for mobile devices.

- Premium Radio - All of the benefits of Radio Plus as well as on-demand listening. Access and listen to any of the millions of tracks in the AOL Radio library.

12) Is AOL Radio still available to narrowband/dial-up users?

No, the new AOL Radio is not supported on dial-up/modem connections. We suggest users check out for Internet radio stations that support slower connections.

13) I am on a broadband connection and am getting an error saying my connection is too slow?

The player is designed for optimal playback depending on your Internet connection. It may be that your Internet speed at the moment is momentarily slow. We recommend hitting refresh on your browser one more time to see if the stations will begin playing.

14) How can I send my questions or submit feedback?

You can use our feedback form here to ask questions or send us your comments.

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