Free Music Tuesday — Drummers and the City of Boston Step Up!

Lucky you, we managed to get one last Free Music Tuesday in before August fades away. Among our four free tracks this week, we’ve got two bands from Boston, two drummer-led side projects, and a humorous musical explanation of what happened to the “King of Pop.”

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‘The Pieces Fall’ – Tangents (Rock)

Unearth drummer Derek Kerswill (OK he’s from Worcester, not Boston) is sure to surprise the metal world with this atmospheric, stately song from his new side project. “Radiohead and Jeff Buckley pretty much changed my life,” he explains. Good for him for following his muse, we highly suggest you listen!

‘1981’ – Elsewhere

Elsewhere are a self-deprecating, progressive-punk band from Boston; their own bio attacks the guitarist’s skills and describes past record sales as “pathetic.” But one listen to the new-wave inspired ‘1981’ clearly shows they’re headed big places.

‘Remission of Guilt’ – The New Regime

Ilan Rubin has been impressing people with his musical skills all his life. He opened Woodstock ’99 at age 11, was named best under-18 drummer in the world a year later, and joined Nine Inch Nails at age 20. But that’s nothing, check out what he can do all by himself!

‘King of Pop’ – Donnell Rawlings

The former ‘Chappelle’s Show’ star, from Atlanta and not a drummer (as far as we know), shares his theory of exactly how Michael Jackson met his tragic demise. We don’t wanna give too much away, but ‘Smooth Criminal’ gets a comedic re-write along the way.

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