‘Glee’ ‘Furt’ Songs — Season 2, Episode 8

In ‘Glee’ Season 2, Episode 8 the wedding bells start to ringing, but comments for one lifelong will be made during ‘Furt’.

That’s right, two ceremonies will be happening on Tuesday — one for Burt and Carole, and another for Sue and, well, Sue. Yes, the Cheerios coach will be marrying herself.

However, sue won’t be alone. Because Doris her mother, Carol Burnett has done the guest role as Doris’s mother, is in Lima for a visit. In the promo, we see her hugging her daughter saying, “Ow! I always forget you’ve got this weird rib cage.” Spoken like a true Sylvester.

The duo will sing the ever-so-appropriate ‘Ohio’ from the 1953 musical ‘Wonderful Town,’ which asks: “Why, oh why, oh why oh — why did I ever leave Ohio?”

The video also shows the cast dancing down the aisle singing ‘Marry You,’ which is one of two Bruno Mars songs to be featured on the upcoming episode. Finn also performs the singer-songwriter’s hit single ‘Just the Way You Are.’

Meanwhile, Will has recovered from that nasty flu that was going around William McKinley High and is in perfect condition to sing ‘Sway,’ the Pablo Beltrán y Su Orchestra song popularized by Dean Martin. Wait, didn’t he learn anything from Hollie Holiday?

Check out the Season 2, Episode 8 ‘Furt’ song list below, and head over to AOL Radio’s ‘Glee’ Radio to hear songs from past episodes.

‘Furt’ Songs List:

  1. Sue and Doris Sylvester, ‘Ohio’ (‘Wonderful Town’)
  2. New Directions, ‘Marry You’ (Bruno Mars)
  3. Will, ‘Sway’ (Pablo Beltrán y Su Orchestra)
  4. Finn and New Directions, ‘Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

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