Kesha, ‘Take It Off’ – New Song

The article talks about the launch of Kesha’s song ‘Take it Off’ and describes the hidden message behind its audio and visual that led the song to become the craze that it is today. 

Kesha Rose Sebert, popularly known as Kesha, is an American Singer, Songwriter and a Rapper. Her music has been loved by all and lead her to immediate success soon after the launch of her first Music video. One of her most popular and loved songs is ‘Take It Off’ which was initially launched in her debut album named ‘Animal’. The song features upbeat electro-infused beats and uses heavy amounts of auto-tune. The song was a part of major charts in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada due to the strong digital selling and popularity of the album before the developers had decided to announce the song as a Single. The announcement soon led the song to be a part of top 10 in Canada, Australia and the US. 

The song owns two music videos where the audience can see Kesha and her friends in a distant planet in the first video. The group can be seen dancing around before they soon turn into stardust and the main inspiration behind the video (as quoted by Kesha) was about shedding inhibitions and being “raw and real”. 

The song has been described as a “bubblegummy electro” that uses nursery rhyme hook in its delivery and utilises thumping electro-infused beats with furious crescendos along with heavily auto-tuned vocals of the singer. The song is an upbeat catchy number that is perfect for the dance floor and “embodies relentless, carefree hedonism at its best”. Critics have complimented the song for being a “celebration of shedding inhibitions” and when the audience listen to the song with the volume turned up, they might just feel like following the instructions to ‘Take it Off’ as given by the song. 

The video of the song that features the singer with her friends is another add-on to the upbeat vocals and the audience can feel the energy of the song by simply looking at the video. The characters in the video are full of energy and can be seen dancing and jumping over the railings. While enjoying themselves, some members of the group can be seen ‘Taking off’ their clothes and turning into beautiful stardust. The idea was to deliver the simple message that once a person decides to take off all the inhibitions, we can’t find any difference between two different people because everyone is just the same without a cover. 

The artist has successfully managed to deliver her thoughts in the form of vocals and video while attaining popularity and creating a chartbuster song that has been a party favourite track since the launch and continues to remain a favourite even after a decade of its launch. 

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