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Vanessa Carlton, 'Rabbits on the Run' -- 2011 New Album Preview

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On June 21, Vanessa Carlton will release 'Rabbits on the Run,' her new album and much-anticipated follow-up to 2007's 'Heroes and Thieves.'

Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, in the U.K., Carlton's new album was produced by Steve Osborne, who has previously collaborated with artists like U2, the B-52's, and KT Tunstall. This time around, Carlton entered the studio with a decidedly different and more open approach to her fourth studio album.

"I feel like there's literally no rules and no kind of hovering restrictions on what I'm writing and my approach to the record," she said during an interview with Star News Online, when she was working on the record. "So it's a pretty creative time for me right now."

Before beginning work on the album, however, Carlton apparently questioned whether or not she should even return to the studio. "I wasn't sure if I was ever going to do another record," she admitted in a video posted to her website, adding that much of her attention had been devoted to writing scores and soundtracks. "I basically had to fundamentally change the way I approached making music." Part of that change, she said, involved altering her scenery, and spending some time away from New York.

Carlton added that she wanted to capture a dreamy, fantastical sound with 'Rabbits on the Run,' which was reportedly inspired by books like Stephen Hawking's 'A Brief History of Time,' and Richard Adams' 'Watership Down.' In pursuit of that sound, she enlisted the help of a children's choir, saying that some of her melodies were "just built" for choral arrangement.

Yet the artist also returned to her recording roots with her upcoming album. She was intent on recording 'Rabbits on the Run' as an analog album, which hearkened back to her early days of making demo tapes as a young musician. "It took me thirteen years to return to the vibe of my first cassette demo and ten years to muster the courage to go it alone and create something that is pure Arts and Crafts," she explained. "It was written and arranged over two years, and put to tape."

With Osborne at her side, Carlton collaborated with other musicians, as well, including Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket, Ari Ingber of the Upwelling, both of whom make appearances on the album. Though a full tracklist has yet to be released, songs included on the 10-track album include a '70s-inspired tune called 'Dear California,' 'Carousel' and the bold 'I Don't Want to Be a Bride.'

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