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3OH!3 -- 'Back to Life' -- New Song

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3OH!3 recently released 'Back To Life' off their long overdue album 'Omens.' The band has previously released 'You're Gonna Love This' and 'Youngblood' off the upcoming album.

The electro-pop duo's latest is a hand-clapping, uplifting track about re-building. The song's sound itself slowly works itself 'Back to Life' similar to David Guetta's 'Without You.' The chorus builds the song from soulful to shout-worthy and inspiring. Like in 'Youngblood,' 3OH!3 is preaching to the youth and has produced an up-tempo pop song that differs from some of their previous 'crunkcore' material like 'Don't Trust Me.' The duo sings the infectious lines, "Cause if the party is dead, we can bring it back to life. Yeah, we can make it through the night."

'Omens' will be the band's fourth studio album and is scheduled for release in June, the same month in which the band is scheduled to play at Warped Tour. While you eagerly await their return, listen to 'Back to Life' on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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