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3OH!3, 'Youngblood' -- New Song

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Colorado electropop duo, 3OH!3, has released their new single just a few days after announcing the release on their Twitter. 'Youngblood' is the second official single from the bands upcoming fourth studio album, 'Omens.' It is the follow-up to the successful single, 'You're Gonna Love This,' which was released back in mid-July.

'Youngblood' has a different sound than what 3OH!3 has presented in the past. Though the song is still an up-tempo pop song, the gradual movement away from the crunkcore sound seems to be complete after listening to 'Youngblood.' The lyrics speak to the youth, telling them that it's possible to do anything as long as the determination and will-power is there. "Let's get out tonight/You've got the fire I've got the party/Oooh in my young blood/Let's fly out the door/You've got the fuel, I've got the burn/Oooh in my young blood." Though 'Youngblood' is a new sound for 3OH!3, fans will appreciate the same flavor in the lyrics that helped launch the band to the success they are today. With the music video for the song being debuted on MTV and a behind the scenes video of the recording of Youngblood, 3OH!3 has appealed to their fans and brought them another song that will be taking over speakers everywhere.

The band is currently touring in Europe, but plans are being made for a North American tour in 2013. 'Omens' is set to drop on December 4th. 'Youngblood' is available as a digital download now. Fans can check out 'Youngblood' on AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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