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Adam Lambert, 'Trespassing' -- New Song


American Idol Season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert, has released his new single off his second studio album, 'Trespassing.' The title track off the album is the follow-up to Lambert's successful tracks, 'Better Than I Know Myself' and 'Never Close Our Eyes.'

Lambert picked up right where he left off with his previous two singles. With the help of co-writer and producer, Pharrell Williams, 'Trespassing' has an "in your face" bass-snare beat that keeps the song very simple, but very catchy. Though the beat is catchy and drives the song, it's Lambert's powerful voice that pushes the song over the edge. His voice made him who he is today, and it's only fitting that his voice be the highlight of the track. The chorus hits the hardest and shows what Lambert can do vocally. "Well, I was walkin' for some time/When I came across this sign/Sayin' "who are you and where are you from?/We don't like when visitors come"/"No Trespassing," that's what it said/At least that's what I read/No Trespassers? Yeah, my a**/Wait 'till ya get a load of me!" We've had our fair share of Lambert, and there's no reason to doubt that 'Trespassing' will be another successful song for the pop star.

Fun fact: 'Trespassing' debuted at number one the first week after its release, making Adam Lambert the first openly gay artist to debut at number one in the albums first week. 'Trespassing,' the album and single, are available now in stores and as a digital download. Hear 'Trespassing' now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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