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Afrojack, 'As Your Friend' (Feat. Chris Brown) -- New Song

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Dutch DJ Afrojack has released his latest single 'As Your Friend' which was co-written by Chris Brown, who is also featured on the track. The two previously worked together on the Grammy-winning song 'Look at Me Now.'

Afrojack has quickly become a powerful EDM artist and he continues to release club-banging hits as he gets ready for the release of his first solo album. Afrojack, who is well known for many singles including 'Take Over Control' and for producing many songs including 'Give Me Everything' may have released his most creative song to date. The song makes use of upbeat and unique synth-heavy beats that at times sound like a re-mix of video game soundtracks. It'll be hard to stay off the dance floor for this one which is made more pop-friendly with the smooth R&B vocals of Chris Brown. Brown's hook is pretty catchy as he sings: "I used to be your man, but today I woke up as your friend."

Afrojack's debut album is currently scheduled for release sometime this fall. For now, you can dance along to 'As Your Friend' right now on AOL Radio's Fresh 40.

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