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All Time Low, 'Somewhere in Neverland' -- New Song

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Pop punk band All Time Low recently released 'Somewhere in Neverland' as their second single off of their fifth studio album 'Don't Panic.' The song was co-written by lead singer Alex Gaskarth and the album's producer Mike Green.

All Time Low have produced many successful singles over the years, and are perhaps best known for their 2009 hit 'Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't).' Their latest upbeat single is just as catchy as the band's best work, but features a more mature and well developed rock sound. The single, along with the album seems to bring together the best parts of all their previous albums. The result here is a catchy, well-developed song with strong lyrics. The song about being young again references the famous play 'Peter Pan' about a boy who would never grow up. Gaskarth sings in the song: "We'll talk about how your parents separated and how you don't wanna make the same mistakes as them. I'll say it's all about sticking it out and trying to feel forever young."

All Time Low is currently in the midst of a long tour to promote 'Don't Panic.' The album was the band's third consecutive top 10 debut on the 'Billboard 200.' Take a listen right now on AOL Radio's New Alternative First.

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