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Calvin Harris, 'I Need Your Love' (Feat. Ellie Goulding) -- New Song


Calvin Harris has released the seventh single off his successful third album '18 Months.' 'I Need Your Love' features Ellie Goulding, who has crossed over into the dance genre with this tune.

Harris, most widely known for his huge hit 'We Found Love,' has released another hook-friendly love track that is similar in some ways to the Rihanna track. The "I need your love" hook is as strong and infectious as 'We Found Love,' but the song doesn't reach the same high points of euphoria. Still, Harris does a great job as always at varying the beats to bring the listener through a pattern of mellow beats and more upbeat ones. Following the release of 'Sweet Nothing' which featured Florence Welch, Harris called in another female rocker to sing over his strong musical bed. Welch's powerful, strong vocals worked well in that song, and Harris takes an opposite approach here with Goulding. It works well, as Goulding's mellower, softer vocals sound fresh and warm. She might not be able to carry some of Harris' other works, but like her hit 'Lights,' there's plenty of room for her voice to breathe and stand out in a unique manner. She sings: "Watch my eyes are filled with fear. Tell me do you feel the same? Hold me in your arms again."

'18 Months' was released last October and was Harris' second consecutive number-one album in the UK. You can hear his latest single right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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