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Chris Brown, 'Fine China' -- New Song


Chris Brown has released 'Fine China,' the first single from his upcoming sixth studio album, 'X.' The R&B track was produced by DJs Leon Youngblood Jr. ("RoccStar") and PK.

Chris Brown has changed things up a little with this new song, channeling his best Michael Jackson impression and creating a sound reminiscent of Bruno Mars. Chris Brown is known for releasing more hardcore R&B and hip-hop, yet here Brown's voice is smooth and his voice reaches higher notes than his fans are used to. The mid-tempo song has a nostalgic feel to it, as if Michael Jackson himself were producing the tune and including his own "woo-hoos." A simple, dance-like beat kicks off the song and leads into Brown's harmonies which work well throughout. It's clear Brown's new album may be more mellow and relaxed than his previous work. Here he sings about a woman he loves, comparing her to "fine china." Brown sings in the chorus: "When you're mine, I'll be generous/you're irreplaceable/ a collectible, just like fine china."

'X' is scheduled to be released sometime in June or July of this year. Brown has been working with a star-studded lineup of artists and producers, including Pharell, Kendrick Lamar, and Nicki Minaj. Take a listen to "Fine China" right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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